Zimbabwean prostitutes go haywire, have open sex in night club (Graphic Photos) 18+


Four commercial sex workers » from the Chinamhora district of

Zimbabwe, have been arrested and charged to a court where they were
fined $50 each for their part in a drunken sex orgy in a night club called Mverechena Night Club,
where they stripped naked and entertained the patrons.

According to kuzeyanyaya.com, the quartet of Leosa Kazembe, Tracy Moyo, Nomsa Mabvindi and
Florence Maodza , who were not given any grace period to pay the fine, and were warned that their
failure to pay would result in a 30 day jail term.

A man who joined in the orgy and had sex with them and two other women who were part of the
revelry, have been declared wanted however.

The prostitutes » all pleaded guilty when they appeared before Harare magistrate Blessing Murwisi and openly told the court that they were sex workers.

The prosecutor in the case, Zorodzai Dumbura , told the court that on November 13, around 10pm, the four and two other colleagues who have not been
identified, were having a drinking binge at the club when things became rowdy and they took to the perform to perform a striptease show.

Some of the women were said to have stripped down to their pants and bras while some exposed their breasts.

In one of the photos which have become viral, there is that of a man stark naked having sex with
one of the women in public.

See photo here 1

See photo here 2

See photo here 3

See photo here >>

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See Photo here>>

See Photo here>>>>


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