16-year-old Girl Gang-r*ped by 33 Men in Brazil


A shocking incident has left the world in tears after about 33 men
with weapons forcefully gang-r*ped a 16- year-old girl before posting the video on social media.

A barbaric incident has left the world in tears after news broke that a 16-year-old girl was filmed while being brutally r*ped by 33 men.

Shockingly, the rapists shared the footage on social media making it go viral.

Now, Brazilian authorities are searching for the suspects, who were reported to be heavily armed when it happened. A twitter user had posted the video of the r*pe online before attacks forced him to shut down his account.

The police are now investigating the matter. The state Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rio has received 800 complaints after the tweet was posted on Wednesday.

This is coming just some months before the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The teenager’s father said: “She is crying and still shaken. They messed up my daughter. They almost killed her. I am in pain.”

According to Brazilian reports, the teenager’s police statement is just that she remembers going to visit her boyfriend’s house and her next memory is waking up naked in another house with 33 heavily armed men.

A few days later, she was alerted to a video of her circulating online.
As a result of the recent incident,
many have expressed outrage and called for the return of death penalty on rape offenders. The police has been called to quickly act and apprehend the offenders.


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