Meet Female Doctor Who Runs 4 Businesses.At Just 24… her inspiring story

If you want to live a decent life, you will be concerned about

 diligence. If you want to be wayward, you will always look for excuses to follow men for money. It’s all about choices.

Beautiful Dedunmola Oluwo is a 24yrs old doctor. She started 4 business ventures while studying to become a medical doctor in.Hungary.

Today, she is a baker, a makeup artist, a cook, and a hair stylist.

How did she do it?

All that while undergoing the grueling task of going through med school. Dr. Dedun’s multi-faceted reach into the world of entrepreneurship was the result of her determination to survive economically – as a student .

This grew into something else when the spectrum of services she provided increased, and she became beholden to the needs of her customers.

Her work ethic is admirable, and behind it all she says was the unwavering love and support of her mother, brothers and.friends.

Dedun graduated in 2016. She was nominated as the Young Person of the Year at the 2016 The Future Awards.

In an interview recently, she said: “ I was able to combine all these without repeating a year in the 7 years of medical school. I was able to make enough to pay for my Masters. I’mbsharing my story to inspire others that it doesn’t matter what your situation is, you can always challenge yourself to achieve great things whether you are a 17 year old (like when I started) or older .”

Dr. Dedun’s passion for hard work and her CAN DO spirit is what makes her a woman of rubies.

Congrats to a beautiful, intelligent and hardworking lady!


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