Horror! Blood, 5 Human Skulls Discovered At Church Altar In Imo (See Photo )

There was great shock in Ububo-Alia, Awara in Ohaji/Egbema local

 government area of Imo state when 5 human skulls were discovered in a church called the Ark of Covenant Ministry.

The Authority reports that the general overseer of the church,Pastor Ngozi Odika, was beaten blue-black by irate youths of the area believed to be ex-militants. He was also said to have been beaten on the suspicion of using his church as a spiritual ground for militants who patronize him for spiritual powers.

According to a witness, the breeze blew when his alleged accomplice and girlfriend was caught with some fetish objects by some repentant militants from the area. She was accosted by the militants while on a errand for the pastor. When she was searched,items like human hair, animal horns and other fetish objects were found on her.

The shocked youths pounced on her, beating her mercilessly before dragging her to the pastor at the church where he was already waiting for her. The witness further disclosed that the beating continued with the pastor before he was handed to the vigilante in the area.

The witness said: “As the Pastor’s altar was later vandalised, other revelations emerged. In his altar was found 5 human heads buried alongside some other skulls of animals.”

The youths also discovered a basin of blood and fingernails at a discrete area of the church. Odika was also alleged to use strands of hair of babies dedicated at the church for his devilish rituals.

During interrogation by the vigilantes, the pastor confessed to being a spiritual father to the militants who come to him for various powers and other members of his church.


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