Do You Think Yahoo Yahoo Helped In The Reduction Of Armed Robbery Cases In Nigeria ?

​Taking a deep look backward at social vices in Nigeria, I realized

 that the rate of armed robbery in the country has reduced drastically.

When talking about Armed Robbery , I am not referring to pick- pockets or carry and run robbery. I am talking of a well-planned bank-robbery or a situation where group of armed bandit will attack a whole market to kill, steal and destroy. This was the situation in Nigeria some years ago.

So, I made this a topic of discussion among friends in a social gathering and one of them frankly said, “ There is no money in the country, guys no dey carry gun again, Yahoo-Yahoo ti take over ”.

This means, youths are no longer interested in the life-threatened armed robbery business again, they now settle for Yahoo-Yahoo, otherwise called cyber-crime.

NOTE:- We are not in support of either of the acts as No form of stealing is good whether by force,Trick or false pretence as a good citizen of this country we should all live a sincere and truthful life to grow ourselves and the society at large..

Back to the matter, How true is this? Do You Think Yahoo-Yahoo Is The Cause Of Reduction In The Rate Of Armed Robbery In Nigeria?

Let’s have your opinion on this…

Drop your comments.


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