I was Tricked to London and.Raped Every Day While Being Blindfolded Underground – Woman Revealed

An unlucky woman woman identified as Anna who

was trafficked to Britain from Albania by her boyfriend has narrated how she was raped everyday before she was rescued while being blindfolded underground.

‘Anna’, who had not had sexual relations before she was trafficked, told the BBC she was tricked into leaving her small rural town in Albania by her boyfriend.

“He said he was looking for a girl just like me and he wanted to start a family.” Anna revealed.

She said when she arrived UK, she was sold into prostitution at an unknown location, where things happened that she “would never have imagined possible.”

She said: “I was somewhere underground, I had no sense of the world around me. They would not let me see.”

‘Anna’, who is in her late 20s, weeped as she spoke of the horrors that occurred in the hidden location.

She said: “I was raped every day.”

Revealing further, Anna said she was gang-raped by multiple men and kept imprisoned throughout her ordeal.

Thankfully ‘Anna’ was able to escape and is now in a Salvation Army safe house but the man who is responsible for her trafficking has still not been caught.

Anne Read, director of the Salvation Army’s Anti Trafficking and Modern Slavery group, said similar cases have increased “exponentially.”


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