Pee Or Seamen ? Justin Bieber Forced To Explain Himself After Being Spotted With Large Wet Substance On Dicck Area | See Surprising Excuse !

After Justin Bieber was spotted walking in Los Angeles with a large wet stain on his sweatpants

, many wondered if he had peed himself . The debate took the Twittersphere by storm , subsequently launching the trending hashtag, but the “ Love Yourself” crooner has cleared the air — only after making fun of himself , of course.

At first The Biebs took to Instagram Thursday to share a Billy Madison meme that featured Bieber ’ s pee photo and Adam Sandler from the popular comedy . “ You ain ’ t cool unless you pee your pants , ” Bieber captioned the picture , quoting Sandler from the scene where he intentionally spills water on his pants to stop kids from bullying a student who actually peed himself .

Bieber obviously had a good sense of humor about the whole thing , but when curiosity continued to sweep the Internet , Bieber tweeted his perfectly reasonable explanation . ” Someone got me flowers and I was driving , made a turn , and the water spilled on my d !ck area…” he wrote . “ Didn ’ t bother me if it made ya laugh nice!”

What’ s not so funny is how much Bieber ’ s sweatpants cost . His wet Vetements gray pants retail for $ 690 but are on sale for $414. Currently , they ’ re sold out . The water obviously would eventually dry , but there ’ s something about a water stain on a pair of nearly $ 700 pants that seems extra painful . But if The Biebs can laugh at off , all is well .


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