Singer Lola Rae on nudity in music videos

Davido’s Davido Music Worldwide music protege, Rachel Akosua

 Funmilola Garton, professionally known as Lola Rae is a class act music beauty who will shake any room full of men.

The Nigerian-born British-Ghanaian recording artist and dancer who gained recognition following the release of her debut single “Watch My Ting Go” in 2013 is also sexy and could work up her videos to be one of the most sensual pieces around but it seems rubbing her sensuality with flashes of nudity on the faces of her fans is something Lola won’t be too quick to do.

In a chat with Potpourri , the mulatto singer said nudity is something her fans should not expect from her but assured them there will be enough to see to keep their amorous imaginations going

“I don’t agree nudity is encouraging and it’s exactly what has taken over the entertainment industry because everybody wants to sell his/her song. But it’s just a way of giving a bite different from your day to day personalities. I’m not saying one should get naked but you just have to give your fans the best. For instance, the way I dress when going onstage is quite different from the way I dress on a normal day. I always like to look sexy while performing and it’s a way of giving my fans the best,” she said.

Talking about the kind of guys that could rock her boat, she said, “I like guys that can make me laugh, genuinely kind and God- fearing because my family is very religious.”


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