Air Force Officer Who Killed His Soldier Lover Over Alleged Cheating Has Been Arrested (See Photos)

The jealous Air Force personnel , Lieutenant Kalu who killed his

colleague /girlfriend over an allegation of cheating has been arrested and is currently in custody.

Kalu brutally shot dead his colleague identified as Oladipupo Solape a .k.a Shomzy Shomzy yesterday morning in Markudi, Benue state capital .

Public Relation Officer at the base , Wing Commander Emmanuel Iheoma , who confirmed the incident , said the case was under investigation and more details would be provided in due course .
The killer airman ’ s blood sample has been taken for investigation.

He is in the custody of the Air Police in Makurdi. 

Friends of the female Air Force official , Oladipupo Solape have taken to the social media to express their shock over the incident and mourn her .

“ R .I .P Shomzy Shomzy your death is some thing I can ’ t forget so easily because your military plans is still in your mind . Well I can ’ t continue crying my dear ,all I have to do is to let go of what I can ’ t change , ”one of her friends wrote on Facebook .

Sources said the incident occurred on Sunday morning after the jealous lover accused her of double dating.

The slain personnel reportedly hailed from Badagry and was murdered two weeks after celebrating her birthday .

Her last three Facebook posts suggested she was optimistic about life and thankful to God for all she had achieved .

On her birthday , February 26 , she wrote , “ God I thank you …… I have.nothing to give you than to say thank you Jesus . I wish my self a long life and prosperity .

“ HIP!!! HURRAY … . A big thanks to my mum , dad ,buddy, course mates my FB friends … Thanks all for the upload , likes and comments I pray that God will not forget anyone of you … Who gonna take me out ?”

A day later she wished a lady she described as her best friend happy birthday .

Her last post was on Thursday , March 9 . Along with pictures of her in bed , she wrote , “ Those who said “ WHO ARE YOU ” will come and say “ HOW ARE YOU ”… ..”


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