“See What I Found In My 9 Year Old Daughter’s TextBook… She Is In Basic 6”

A lady on Nairaland has been shocked beyond words after she went through her

daughter ’ s textbook while she was
doing her homework only to find out her homework was about sex 

Read her narration below :

What has Nigerian Educational System turned into ? My 9 year old daughter was doing her home work and I decided to see what she was doing . Only for me to read the comprehension of the attached .

Is this right to be part of learning in school ? I am not bothered with Sex Education but not for that age and class . The other day I saw a note she copied in class of how sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy .

Detailing the joystick entering the Vagina and so on. 

Who is the Minister of Education approving this books? What is the world turning into ?

4 years ago I also saw a Nursery III Textbook using G is for gun . Gun is used for shooting and killing . 
Seriously? What about G for Goat , Groundnut , Gas etc . And the Publishers publish this?


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