Nigerian IG User Brutalizes Girlfriend, Vows To Kill Her, After She Caught Him Cheating.

A worried friend of the domestic violence victim , shared how an

Instagram user with IG , @ maca _ veli , brutalized his girlfriend after she caught him cheating … She stated that the said guy even vowed to kill his girlfriend .

She wrote :

This guy @ maca _ veli is threatening to kill her . This happened this evening in Benin , Edo State , when my friend went to see the guy ( her supposed boyfriend ).she met another girl with him .
She started asking whatsup and before we knew it ,the guy broke a bottle and was threatening her. Next thing, he started beating her mercilessly infront of the girl he was cheating on her with .

He dragged the cotton rail and hit her . It took the grace of God and the intervention of his friends to pull her out and managed to take her home . My friend has been paranoid since then and she is scared that the guy migt come after her and carry out all his threats .”


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