Lady shared A story ,After She survived from A Car Accident.. (Read)

This pretty lady above, shared a testimony after

she survived from accident..
She said ..

I have a story to tell… One hour ago.

Just 3hours ago I posted selfies and wonderful pictures of myself smiling and all. I even thanked God for my life and all without me knowing I was thanking God for what he was about doing. I really thank God for my life cos right now i can’t even explain this….

All I know was that the people around where shouting “aka unu do ucha”… “God is with u people”. “You people serve a living God” and so on.

My cousin, elder bro, my mum and I were on our way to the hospital and our car tumbled 3times or so…I cant even count and I can’t say….according to eyewitnesses, they said they were coming to see if people survived but lo and behold..we stepped out intact and car intact.

You can’t even imagine that we all were telling my mum to be strong in the midst if all this happenings…

God indeed is good and I thank him with all my existence. I will always worship God and I will never stop.


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