JSS2 Student Falls From A Mango Tree And Dies In Imo State

We have received a sad news of a young boy who fell from a Mango Tree yesterday

while trying to pluck an unripe mango .

The boy was a JSS2 student of Umuerim Secondary school at Nekede… Owerri imo state before his unfortunate demise . Our source revealed to us that when the sad incident happened , the teachers in the school were no where to be found.. not until about 30 minutes after his fall they found him lying on the groud .

He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead . Our source further revealed that the biological parent of the boy are late .
Another source also confirmed the story on Instagram , she shared as thus :

“ Oh my God ! This happened before me .A JSS 2

STUDENT ( name withheld ) of UMUERIM SECONDARY SCHOOL OWERRI , IMO STATE died yesterday ( 03 /04 / 2017 ) around 3 :00 pm after he fell from a mango tree while trying to pluck the unripe fruits !..

The boy fell once and his seniors chased him , after they left , he decided to continue where he stopped which led to his terrible death thereby falling for the second time with his head .

According to Some individuals , they said’ The boy don ’ t have parents , he is only living with his Uncle, therefore, he is the only surviving person in their family… MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE …# Amen# …”


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