Facebook Guy Shares Photos Of All The Girls He Has Slept With

​An Ugandan Man and a Facebook user , Alex Baale Gattusso, did what no one

expected by sharing a photo of all the girls he has slept with . He also did put all the women he has slept with on blast.

The photo he shared , got him on the bad side of some Facebook users who ripped him apart . According to some of those who commented , sharing the photos makes him an idiot, and it ’ s unthinkable to imagine that some people are supporting him.

However we couldn’ t get a screenshot of some of the comments on the post because it was pulled down, but here are some of the comments culled from Ugandanblog; Caroline Leitch : I am sure his muma loves him , but that is a skinny yet also somehow flabby looking wretch. One that 90 % of those photos, “ his ” women are scowering , real unhappy looking and the rest he is groping. I mean how low does it have to go that even unhappy looking women are … .gotta post that!

Jacob Sawasawa Munande : Some of yall niggas out here talking poo about this dude but most of yall wish yo bust all kind of nuts just like him but yall get none .

Citar Mignon : and that why h .i.v is so damn rampant in the Nigerian community and nobody says a word Bianco Solomons : Cheating is disrespectful and disgusting … it doesn’ t make you look ‘ cool ’ YOU ’ RE JUST AN IDIOT …I can ’ t believe some guys actually ‘ support’ this kind of behavior..

Banjo Abims: Free the guy Abeg , what is he offering the hoes that they are all flocking around him …… . . HIV

indeed , how many Hoes Tiger Wood had ? … .. He should just watch out cos he is gonna end up with the baddest of them all , and that one is going to Bleep his life up…. That ’ s how it all ends ….. All these falafolo ends up badly


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