Pretty Lady Declared Missing After Leaving For A Party At Lagos Island, Discovered To Have Died In An Accident.

​Remember the lady , Remilekun Odeleye who was declared missing 9 days after

she left her hostel for a party ? It ’ s quite sad to report that she is no more .

Remilekun wasn ’ t missing , but she died in an accident a day after she left her hostel . Our Sources revealed to us that her body was found at a morgue by her family , and she was buried today at Yaba cemetery.

Her friend , Mary , took to Instagram to wirte a tribute to her . She wrote :

Ok I tot u were missing babe 😞 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 I tried to look everywhere for u but alas u had died in an accident the next day u left home , we tot u were missing never knew u had gone to never come back with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart I pray u Rest well cos we are all going to die and yours came a lil early my regards to your dad , my dad and my mummy and pls take care of your self baby . We are going to forever miss you baby , I am going to be strong not because I am capable but for u my happy soul who loved with all her heart you lived a short life but u touched my heart with your love and happiness .

Now to u who lives your life trolling , backstabbing,judging and saying hurtful things about people u know nothing about I hope u are happy your wish came true yes she is dead but she was not a prey of what u thought and hoped it was , she died in an accident on eko bridge 4 am April 1 st 2017 , and yes she was never a call girl or whatever name y ’ all have for it , I hope.this makes u sleep well tonight and makes you fulfilled . Good night Remilekun @ remmy.t Mi I love u endlessly nothing is ever changing this even death baby


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