Mortuary Attendant Take Selfies With Corpses, Shares It On Facebook

An Enugu – based mortuary attendant has wrong Nigerians after he shared

selfies he took with corpses in a morgue he works in on Facebook .
See some comments he received below ;

– Why posting the picture of a dead person in the morgue ? That ’ s unprofessional and this idiot can be sued .
– This seems insane , but I think it ’ s a wake up call to humble ourselves & appreciate our maker @ least for the gift of life before other things that are attached to life .

 The families of this bodies could sue him and the firm for this , as if they have not grieved enough , putting their face in public space could cause more emotional trauma to these families . this is a wrong move on his part , be proud of your job but you should be  thinking about others emotions . that makes us humans and alive


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