Moment Actress Adesua Etomi Accepted Banky W’s Proposal.. And Kissed Him (photos)

We brought you reports that Singer , Banky W is engaged to

Actress Adesua Etomi .. and we ’ re super excited . The singer, broke the news on his Instagram page writing :

Dear Susu

We crossed paths 2 or 3 times since 2012 , but I wasn ’ t paying enough attention. Destiny was staring me right in the face and I was too caught up in my own hustle and paper chase , to know it . In June 2015 however, God brought you my way again , and this time, I really SAW you . I was smitten by your grace , aura, and beauty . So smitten infact , that even though I didn ’ t get to say a word to you that day ( because you were seated far across the room ) , I immediately called my best friend @ captdemuren and told him I ’ d found my next girlfriend . LOL . He laughed .

I asked one or two people about you .. your manager Isioma , who I ’ d worked with previously, and then I did some research myself . Googled you , stalked your instagram .. the whole 9 yards , and the more I found out , the more you seemed like a breath of fresh air .

Now , I personally don ’ t like being “ hooked up” , so I decided to approach you myself by sliding into your DM a few days later . Introduced myself, made some silly attempts to make you laugh , told you I planned to become your biggest fan , and asked if we could be friends . Thank God you laughed at my silly jokes, and thank God you graciously agreed to become my friend . At the time, I was COMPLETELY lying about only wanting to be friends , by the way .. but I figured it was a safe place to start .

Since that DM , I ’ ve spoken to you pretty much every single day for almost 2 years . Sometimes, in the morning, at night and in between . We clicked instantly , and you quickly became one of my favourite people on earth , and one of my closest friends . It got to the point where my day wouldn ’ t quite feel right without speaking to you . I needed your friendship . I needed , and still need , the bond we share. It completes me .

I knew pretty early in the process that I wanted to spend forever with you . Prayed about it fervently. But it took you FOREVER ( okay fine . . maybe a year and a half or so ) to see things my way . But I kinda knew all along.. I was just waiting for you to catch up.

In that time, I got engaged to you in my “ Made For You” music video … and then by coincidence , we both got cast to get married in “ The Wedding Party ” movie .. but all the while we were the very best of friends . I guess , in our case , real life will now imitate art .

I ’ m not sure what the future will bring , but I ’ m completely sure that I am ready to face it with you by my side. I pray that God continues to build me into the kind of man that you deserve . I love you Susu .. I feel safe and at peace with you . You mean the world to me . Thank you for agreeing to be my lover and best friend . Thank you for agreeing to be my wife.

PS : The timing of this may make some people think this is promo for another video , or a movie . It isn ’ t. Ironically , everyone who has seen us together in art , or in life , always insists that we have amazing chemistry.

I guess you can say we have been hiding in plain sight . I fell in love with an Actress . Now my life is a movie .

In February of 2017 , I asked Adesua Tolulope Oluwaseun Etomi to be my wife. She said Yes . Pictured above is when he asked her to marry her , and pictured below is when she accepted his proposal and kissed him in February , 2017 !:


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