Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Gives Woman N 3 million During Church Service

Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome has blessed a woman

with the whopping sum of N 3million in faraway Zimbabwe .

A Zimbabwean woman who had brought her child for healing at the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Worship and Communion Service went back home with two miracles , H – metro reports .

The woman whose child was healed from a blocked right ear by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was also given US$ 10 , 000 ( N 3 million ) by the man of God . The dramatic incident happened in Zimbabwe during his visit to the country . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Christ Embassy .

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who was ministering to many who were suffering from several sicknesses , blessed the family with more life and happiness .

“ Woman the lord is going to do a lot of things to your family , you will witness a lot of changes from today.

“ The lord has asked me to give you US$ 10 000 and our pastor here , her name is pastor Ruth , I will send the money across to her and she will give it to you.

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The woman who was blessed with money “ Congratulations to you, that ’ s more blessings to you , ” he said in the middle of his session .

Besides the boy getting his ear healed , there were also others healed  From Arthritis , HIV , broken bones , neck injuries , renal failures , spinal injuries and heart diseases among many others .

See photos below :


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