Young Lady Murdered & Dumped On The Roadside By Ritualists In Delta State

Amrasa Sophia Odirin , has fallen victim to ritual killing,

in Delta State . The young lady was murdered by some unknown persons in Delta and her remains dumped by the roadside in Ughelli , a community in the state .

The unfortunate news was made public by her friend , ReginavOsiaje who cursed out at the ritualists for taking the life of her friend.

She wrote :

“ Oh Life is this really what you hold for us ? Wherebhumans will kill their fellow human for money and end their race of life untimely .

“ Amrasa Odirin my friend is this how you left without saying good bye ? Oh Jesus what a cruel world ! I still remembered you calling me to quarrel me for not inviting to my birthday party . I never knew that will be the last call I will receive from you .

“ It ’ s still like a dream . Your death is a big blow to us your friends and family. Your killers think they As far God is existing may they never go unpunished. They will meet with their ends speedily .

My dear Rest well till we all shall meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus .”


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