Beautiful Nigerian Lady returns N860,000 mistakenly transferred to her account

In this recession the country is in, it is quite difficult

to see someone who’d return quite a large amount back that was mistakenly sent to into their account.

Below is a story of a young lady who returned N860,000 that was mistakenly transferred to her account. She’s been identified as Zinny Adajiugo Ife Nkili. Zinny was minding her business when she claimed.she received a SMS Bank Alert of N860,000.. The caller called her, and she refunded the money.

See what she wrote below:

So yesterday someone mistakenly send 860k to my account.. When I saw that I know it was wrong I waited for d.owner to call, some minutes later he called and was shivering…

I told him to relax that his money is in good hand .. he send an account number so I transferred 500k bcos that’s my daily limit and it cannot be exceeded, so this morning I send him d remaining balance..

Only very few people can actually be honest enough to acknowledge an error in transfer and do the needful by.sending the money back to the sender.

But with d things I read online everyday majority of Nigerians are opportunists and do not fall into the category of honest people… How can some people go to bed to sleep knowing d kind of thing they did to their fellow human being..

This kind of insensitive na wao, nobody is above mistake,mistake hv no master and no one is perfect…don’t make them pay for their carelessness. I hv a lot of problems I could hv solve with this money but I’m not a thief… I remembered when growing up, U return what does not belong to u else d go get part 2 from my mum….and agin i don’t want to mess.up my glorious future.. So in this present economy, pls check and re-check before sending or transferring money. People are.desperate now couple with the hardship…


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