Stark Naked ‘Witch’ Allegedly Caught in Broad Daylight After Crash-landing Near a Church (Photo)

A Zimbabwean woman from Gwatinyanya Village

in Zvishavane, who is believed to be a witch has been caught stark n*ked near an Apostolic church.

According to B-Metro, the woman, whose name could not be established, allegedly fell from a winnowing basket near the church while “on night duty”.

As expected, scores of villagers gathered to see the alleged witch and some took pictures. A Good Samaritan helped her with a cloth that she tied on her waist covering her.

“I heard people in the neighbourhood shouting that there was a witch who was n*ked and I ran there to see for myself. When I got there a lot of people were gathered and some men were even fondling the woman’s breasts and buttocks,” the eyewitness said.

She added: “People called her names, some were saying she was bewitching people in the village. They blamed all the village poverty on her and some even suggested stoning her. One man blamed the woman for his wife’s death.

“Seeing that she was about to be attacked by angry villagers, she pretended to be mad and she started crying. People were quick to realise that she was pulling a stunt by shedding crocodile tears,” she added.

The road was literally blocked when cars passing by stopped as motorists wanted to catch a glimpse of the drama as it unfolded.

One motorist suggested that she should be taken to the village chief, Mapanzure’s homestead to avoid mob justice.

Chief Mapanzure, however, declined comment on the issue.


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