Curvy Nigerian Girl Secretly Performing N*ked for Men on Instragram (Photos)

In the wake of the current economic recession-cum-inflation,

some female folks have decided to monetize their activities on social order to make ends meet like this young woman in question.
There has been a proliferation of business pages on Instagram due to the heavy patronage by fun-seekers showing off their beautiful memorable locations with friends and family members.

This has also prompted some Nigerian girls to advantage of the traffic by raking massive cash through ‘corporate prostitution’ and soft p*rnography.

A Nigerian girl who is self-styled Thick Girl has been selling her body on a clandestine note with her page placed on private to ward off undue attention from social media puritans and fundamentalists.

She currently accepts her payment through Paypal and performs live arousing videos for her clients on Skype as well as Snapchat

(@deethickgirl on Snapchat, @iamthathickgirl on Instagram). Snippets of some of her ‘adult job’ can also be seen on her Instagram page so that prospective customers can see what they are paying for.

Thick girl as her name entails is full-figured with nasty curves in the right places with a beautiful face to complement her dark skin. A study of her page shows that some Nigerian men are discreetly seeking pleasure services from her.

See more images of Thick Girl on Instagram:

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