Check Out Photo Of A Pretty Female Police Officer In A Tight Skirt That Got People Talking (Photo)

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has

condemned the indecent dressing attire by a Zambian female police officer of Sesheke,which is circulating on social media.

The spokesperson said that female officers are allowed to wear mini skirts but it must be below the knee.

“Our policy is at least knee length no officer take the tailors to reduce the size. We attribute this to poor supervision by supervisors. They need to ensure that officers are modest in their dressing and are smart.

A uniform is not for modelling,” Katongo says.

Katongo has however said that the officer in charge of traffic, countrywide has called the supervisor at Sesheke to look into the matter.

“Officers should always be decent in their dressing and help in portraying the good image of the institution. Their skirts should at least be knee high as opposed to what is in the picture,” says Katongo.


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