Nun Kidnapped by Unknown Gunmen in Kogi (Photo)

A Catholic Nun, Sister Blessing Olowojoba has

been reportedly kidnapped in Kogi state by suspected kidnappers. Sister Olowojoba of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus (EHJ) was kidnapped in Okene,recently.

While begging to pray for her safe return, another sister identified as Sister Biola Victoria begged security agencies to help in her rescue.

She further stated that an attack on a member of EHJ is an attack on the church itself. She asked members to keep praying for the servant of God to return unharmed.

She wrote : “Please bombard the heavens with your cries and thanks. 
Remember we recently did it to God’s ultimate glory. We can do it again for our Beloved Religious. ”

“Please carry this prayer petition with you as you sleep tonight and as you go to Mass on Sunday and until we secure Sr. Blessing’s freedom from the captivity which is not hers. Any evil attack on one of us, especially on our ordained servants of God, is an attack on the Church.”

The police is yet to confirm the kidnap incident.


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