Shameless Woman Caught Walking Down the Street Completely Naked in Broad Daylight (Video)

A video has shown the really bizarre moment

a n*ked woman sparked traffic chaos after walking down the road with a skirt on her head.

According to Daily Mail UK, the stiletto-wearing brunette was seen striding down the busy mountain highway in Manhuacu, Brazil, last Sunday.

Driver Julio Sales followed the streaker in his car and tried to ask her if she needed help but she ignored him.

He said she was carrying a bottle and cloths in her left hand and may have been drunk.

Julio said: ‘I saw her and thought it was funny. She was holding a drink in one hand and her clothes in another.

‘Drink makes people do things that in normal judgement they wouldn’t have the courage to do.’

The woman, who appears to be carrying a miniature bottle of alcohol, was later picked up by the fire service and taken to the UPA hospital in the city.

Military Police and Federal Highway Police are also following the case after the woman was picked up on the BR-262 highway.

But an officer said they have not arrested the woman and they had not released her name.

A spokesman said: ‘The woman was questioned and released. There was no action taken against her.’


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