Photos: Talented Nigerian Man From Anambra Constructs Lovely Electronic Bed

In recent times talented young Nigerians have been coming

out to show off their unique skills such as manufacturing of cars, someone also built an aircraft. Still in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, another talented young man has come out to show off his skill as he show cased an electronic bed. 

The young man identified as Succeed Ani took to his Facebook profile on Sunday, July 30, to post a picture of the bed with the caption: “This is electronic bed made in Biafra land.”

Matthew Osia Is it for sale? I want it shipped to Nigeria pls add the custom /clearing fee.

Andrew Robert Can you inbox the contact of the manufacturer Please?

Uche Sparks Onwuma I want to buy it immediately. Inbox me let’s discuss about it. A hotel supply job awaits you bro if confirm to be of goo standard and affordable.

Royal Prince Christain Blessing Please I need this bed how can I order my own Biafra is talented

Therefore let’s help to develop it more higher by patronizing ourselves on our own products

The producer should please WhatsApp me through this Line thanks

Osakwe A Osakwe Congratulations.


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