Woman Forced to Strip Naked Inside Club After Her Bum Was Set on Fire While She Was Twerking (Photos)

Photos have shown the shocking moment a woman

received burns tobher booty after it was set on fire while twerking.

According to The Sun UK, the incident took place in a Jamaican dance hall.

Footage of the agonising incident has emerged which shows the dancer enjoying herself before falling victim to a mindless prank.

The video films everyone dancing before panning over to a woman with her rear in the air as she indulges in a spot of twerking.

Then somebody produces a bottle of spirits and begins pouring it on her gyrating bum.

And because strong spirits are highly flammable, the woman’s shorts immediately caught fire.

Within a split second she is writhing around in a vain attempt to put the fire out.

Humiliatingly, she is forced to pull her burning shorts off – exposing her bare behind.

Other dancers can then be seen reacting in shock as they realise what has just happened.

The footage was filmed in 2016 but has just come to light. The severity of the woman’s burns is unclear.


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