See Businessman Caught Red-handed Trying to Kill a Woman for Money Rituals in Imo State (Photos)

Luck has ran out on a businessman while attempting to

use a lady for money rituals at Mbaitoli local government area of Imo state.

The man reportedly stabbed the lady multiple times on her body before she escaped and ran for her dear life. She was seen bleeding profusely after the incident.

After raising alarm, a group of youths mobilized and stormed a bush in the area where the man was apprehended after several hours of search. He was finally arrested and taken in handcuffs by security operatives.

Onyekachi Okoroafor shared the story on Facebook and wrote: “This tragedy @ Umuonyeashi, Nsokpo Ogbaku in Mbaitoli local government

in Imo State. The young man, in handcuffs attempted using this lady for ritual, but unfortunately for the man, the lady overpowered him. But the lady was stabbed several places on her body. She used her last strength to run for her dear life, to a nearby house, where she got help and assistance. With the team made up of Umuonyeashi youths, all went into the bush in search of the ritualist. After several hours, he was finally apprehended. and handed over to the police. Ladies beware.”


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