Naked Couple Caught Performing Very Public S*x Acts in the Middle of the Street (Photos)

Photos have shown how a randy couple got down and dirty

on a street corner in full view of passers-by.

According to The Sun UK, the incident occurred on the party island of Ibiza.

The pair gave free rein to their passion after what was undoubtedly a very boozy night out.

One stunned Spanish motorist did a drive-by in his car as he filmed the unidentified male on top of a woman with her legs exposed and her skirt hitched up round her midriff.

The astonished local said as he prepared to video the pair: “Things that happen in Ibiza. Only here can these things happen.”

The woman in the car with him did not appear to be too offended by what she saw, urging her friend to “go round again” as they drove past.

It was not immediately clear where the footage was taken, although the party resort of San Antonio where most of the holidaymakers in

high season are British, is famed for the bad behaviour of some of its tourists.

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