“Invest your time in prayer, stop running to Instagram” — Tonto Dikeh begs fans

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has been very vocal of

recent about God’s words and she is not slowing down at winning souls for Christ.

The actress, has also pointed out that some people come on social media to monitor others’ activities without having time to discuss with God.

She stated that people fail to realise that some things seen on social media are not real but they easily get carried away without realizing that only God can make things real in their lives.

“CHECK IN WITH GOD NOT THE WORLD. We come on the gram every day just to envy, poke nose, investigate, monitor another woman or man just because their pages are lit and all of a sudden they become a religion to you (Always on them, #Some of us don’t even get up to pray we just dash off to their pages) not realizing that those lit handle could easily be the most unhappy, broken, violated, suicidal, living in hell guy/ girl,” she wrote.

Continuing, Mama King as she’s called said, “All we see are their lies or opportunities, because that’s all they want you to see. If only we had more of us talk to God about how we want our lives to be/go rather than wishing on someone’s else who’s probably lying for the gram to make you wishful! The world would be a better place!! Prayer is free and it works. Talk to God and Not the world. #Invest time in yourself, Pray!


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