“After we had sex, He blocked me on.Whatsapp and Facebook”

Dear JPB Good evening. Please I need your help..

I’ve been down since this happened.. I feel really bad.. I feel used.. I hear about guys sleeping with a girl and block the girl on facebook and whats app.. It has never happened to me till this day.. 
There is this guy we actually met here on facebook.. I liked him and after some years we met..

But before that I had a baby for my ex. And he said something like he is no longer comfortable with the fact that I have a baby.. We settled that ish.. and later on he invited me..

But I couldn’t make it.. and he came for something and I was opportune to meet him in person.. Tho I didn’t spend much time with him.. we eventually had sex that day..

He didn’t use a condom he said he trusts me.. And when I got home..

The next day I used his picture on whats app.. Immediately he saw the pix. He blocked me on whats app and facebook.. I haven’t stopped.crying since then.. I’ve not been myself.. I feel pain.. I don’t know what to do.. Or why he did that..

I sent a text he didn’t reply.. I called he didn’t pick.. I’m trying to move on but its hard.. I love him.. I don’t want a relationship with him..

I just want us to remain friends., I’m sure when he reads this he will know I’m referring to him.. Thanks please hide my identity.


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