Young Teenagers Between The Age of 13 Shared After Sex Photo on Social Network) Photo)

This Young boy named Kwazi Mnqobi Mdletshe has

sparked outragenfrom social media users after he shared after s*x photos online.

The boy who is believed to be between 13 to 16 years old broke the internet’ after he had s*x with his Girlfriend and shared their after sex photo on social media.

He was so proud of his achievement that he even went as far as setting the picture as his Facebook profile picture and it has since gone viral 24hours after he posted the photo it already has 8,500nLikes, 2,969 Shares, and 3,3000 Comments.

Read some reactions below;

Young Slick Tom; keep it up with your relationship son these people they don’t even know how you started it and how it will end but for me all I see you’re i

Legacy Mafa Jesus christ.. So thiz is the next coming generation or itnhas arrived already!?

DC King;  Please this two need to be on 2go mxit not Facebook, thisbcheating. And please their parents should feed them and stop buying them iPhone, the two look malnutrition.


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