Nigerian guy gets freaky with the gods in Ondo State

A Nigerian man, Bolly Lomo has shared photos of

himself, kissing and sucking on the tits of a “god” in Akure, Ondo state.

He shared the photos and wrote: “I got freaky with the gods.


Of course, trust Nigerians to comment.. Some comments below the picture reads:

– @joesemmy_: Same pple who go to Church every Sunday and any other day with the anthem that ” there is no other God” are the 1 empowering lifeless gods.

– @addekuku: Luke6:31- Do to others as you would have them do to u. So if you are a christian you should respect other people’s religion like as you would have them yours. And if u aint a christain, or maybe you dont believe in religion, you should respect orther peoples right to hold certain things sacred. No doubt, the adherents of this religion & believers in this deity would find your action Insultive, abhorent and offensive. In a country where we a preaching religiois tolerance & peace, tgis one is going to insult the sensibilities of worshippers of a deity

– @Head_masta: It’s all fun till the gods get turned on and they demand penising from you

– @F3Mininja: I’d consider this quite disrespectful.

– @challiebenz: When your balls become bigger and your head swelling just know the gods have gone freaky with you..

– @Allyshimmer: Think you should be more respectful of other people’s religious beliefs. Unless of course it’s just random art in which case, you’re cool.

– @Agboladeadewale: Pls remove this asap and be careful, The worshippers will go to any extent to prove to the world it has powers.
 May u not be unfortunate.


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