Beautiful Nigerian Lady Survives Ghastly Auto Crash, Even After Airbag Failed To Work And Her Seatbelt Cut (photos)

A Nigerian lady who survived an auto crash in

Wuse area of Abuja, that left her car badly damaged was all smiles as she shared photos from the accident scene.

She tweeted as she shared photos;

Twitter user Tio Frijoles Negros @DMason32212


God ain’t real She replied: I pray you don’t have to find out the hard way

Twitter user Alastair McAlpine @AlastairMcA3


More likely, the superb engineers and their safety

features at Hyundai did that…

-She Replied: When you have your own accident,you can credit the engineers. Leave me alone.

Twitter user melusi mnisi @melusi_s_mnisi


Ohhh so the seat belt and other safety features made by the engineers of the car are not thanked.


-She Replied: Same seatbelt that cut in half and bruised my neck? Or the airbags that didn’t deploy?


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