Heaven or hell does not exist — Nigerian.lady rants online

Many weeks ago, a Nigerian lady, Onyeka Ndukire went

viral after she shared pictures of her bare face, and claimed she’s never touched her eyebrow before.

“I have never used an eyebrow pencil all my life, and I think ladies should learn to appreciate their Natural God given eyebrows”, Onyeka 

wrote on her Instagram page.

Now, Onyeka, in a bid to go viral again, has taken to that same social media, that blew her, to share her thoughts about Heaven and Hell,something she tagged as a myth.

Onyeka says, none of them exists, and people should just do good for the sake of it and for being the right thing.

She wrote; “I think people should do Good because it’s very appropraite, not because there’s a hell or a heaven waiting for us somewhere. Cos sincerely, truthfully, candidly, there’s none of those”


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