Popular Prostitute Strolls Around Town In Bra And Pant In Gweru, Zimbabwe. (Photo)

A sex worker simply identified as Talent,

caused a stir last Tuesday, after she was photoed taking a walk along 2nd Street Avenue in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

Talent who was clad in just a bra and panties with a Black Label bottle in her hand, paraded herself for close to 10 minutes before going back into the bar and later came back dressed.

Zimbabwean local news have it that Talent who is usually camped at Café Bar in the City centre “would surprise early morning workers as she would come out at around 7am and walk up and down the streets, buying a few things from vendors barely dressed.

Her common regalia is a white bra and pink panties. After a stroll that lasts about 30 minutes, she goes back to her hole and comes back fully dressed.

Many people who operate their business in that street no longer questions her as they are used to seeing her sometimes barely dressed.

Photo below:


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