Lady undergoes 30 plastic surgeries to look like her boyfriend’s favorite p*rn star

Berry Ng, a 22-year-old YouTube star from Hong

Kong, has had more than 30 plastic surgery procedures in the past five years — all to hear impress her (now ex-) boyfriend.

She says she started going under the knife because her ex criticized her looks and kept comparing her to supermodels, reports Next Shark.

Ng has spent more than $3,000 augmenting her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, chin and breasts.

She explained how whenever her ex-boyfriend would watch porn starring women with big breasts “he would shout ‘How big! Hown great’.”Talking about her surgery she said:

“At that moment, if he had stopped me and told me that I was beautiful enough, I would have stopped, but he didn’t,”

However, when she enlarged her breasts, she said he did not appreciate them and even demanded to know why she had bothered.

When Ng’s mother saw her after that last operation, she started crying.

In that moment, Ng realized her plastic surgery obsession had gotten out of control.

She’s since dumped the deadbeat and has told local media outlets she.regrets her surgeries and wants to encourage body positivity going forward.

Speaking about her new looks, she added: “I may have a very fake face, but I have a truer heart than most.”


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