Nigerian man who just got married to his Nigerian wife seeks advise after his Indonesian girlfriend told him that’s she’s pregnant..

A Nigerian man, MicMayray Alakaia Onuorah,

shared on his Facebook page, to seek advise, after his Indonesian Girlfriend revealed to him, that shes one month pregnant, for him, shortly after he married his Nigerian wife, Vivian Ogu.

Onuora based in Jakarta Indonesia, but currently in Nigeria wrote;

“My brothers and sisters, please i really need an advice from you…this matter has been eaten me up but i don’t know what to do about it…I am an anti-2 wives and i have vowed not to marry 2 wives as i knew the consquences

“Here comes my story, this is my white girl friend and we have dated for 2 years, all these while she had been pregnant but to my greatest surprise, a month after i came down to Nigeria to marry she told me that was pregnant and by then i have done the introduction and collecting of list as i dont want to waste time for my marriage, secondly she is a Muslim and i am christian and if i have to marry her i must follow their muslim rules…my head is hot now please what should i do??? Your kind advice is appreciated thanks..”


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