Ten days after mourning the death of her friend, beautiful young Nigerian lady dies

Augustina Enechile Abraham, has sadly passed

away yesterday, Wednesday, December 20th.

The beautiful young lady reportedly died of cardiac arrest although that is yet to be confirmed.

Late Augustina Enechile, who graduated from Kogi State University,has been described by friends as hardworking, goal driven, ambitious and intelligent young lady.

Until her death, she was the Creative Director/Head of Operations at TYTISng, an event landing company based in Abuja.

It was revealed via her facebook that just ten days ago, she mourned the death of one of her friend, a certain Queen Blessing Achenyo Alfa,where she wrote about the unpredictable nature of life.

Augustina’s last post on facebook was on the 19th of December, 2017 at 11pm where she advised bachelors on some life decisions.

She wrote; “Dear Bachelors/Gentlemen, this is a good night tip for you…”
“Certain things happen & I am left wondering what this life is really about. In the post, she wrote about the unpredictable nature of life. You see someone today & tomorrow you hear they are no more. I still can’t believe this. Rest in peace Queen Blessing Achenyo 
“Never make the lady you want to settle down with feel you have other options aside her, it won’t or doesn’t make you look eligible or appear like a hot cake, it simply shows you are not reliable, ready & sure of what you want. It makes you look stupid, proud & arrogant.”

“Ponder on & sleep well.”

Sadly, the words ‘sleep well’ has not stopped traumatizing her friends and relatives who have not come to terms that the beautiful Augustina is no more

May her soul rest in peace… more photos below


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