I can’t cheat on my man, so why won’t my man have access to my phone — Actress Olive Utalor

In the world we live in today, our cell phones have

become essential features in our lives because they house very essential information and.for some people their secrets.

While it is said that in a relationship, the partner that has nothing to hide tends to be free with their phones, the ones with secrets do otherwise.

In a one-on-one chat with Potpourri, Nollywood actress, Olive Utalor,Says she would genuinely swap her phone with her partner for a day because she is a sincere and faithful person.

“Excellently, yes. We are talking about my spouse here; a spouse could.be my husband or someone I’m in a serious relationship with. The idea of exchanging phones with my partner is certainly a wonderful idea.

“I have always been a sincere and down to earth person, as long as I am not cheating and I don’t have webs of skeletons in my cupboard,

why on earth would I hide my phone and gadgets from my partner?,”

she queried.

Trust, they say, is the foundation of all relationships, Olive, thinks the same as she went further to give her take on it.

“My partner knows the pattern and nature of my job and can accurately tell where I will be at a particular time; he knows when I’m off and on locations. Trust is a virtue, you earn it and swapping phones is one of the many ways to earn it. Picking up my partner’s phone and sounding.like a man saying “Hello, how are you” is cool. So, it is a big YES, I would be proud to do that anytime any day,” she maintained.

The ‘Madness of Moment’ actress is gradually making her imprints in the make-believe world as she has a good number of movies to her credit.

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