Garri And Fried Fish Served At A Wedding In Lagos

A Nigerian Twitter user a photo of fried fish and

Garri served at a wedding in Lagos. Lately people have been doing different kind of creative things to make there wedding ceremony trend but Garri and fish served in a wedding is definitely new.

Earlier on, we brought to you a report on a bride who appeared so unhappy on her wedding day. It seems that is the tradition from where she comes from and not as the Internet has painted it to be.

The bride identified as Duchess Alexis, reacting to the news, revealed that everything that happened on her traditional wedding day is simply the tradition of the Ijaw people.

She added that, according to the Ijaw tradition, the bride is meant to “Frown” after been ushered in by her friends and sisters, and then the groom and his friends/family are expected to spray her until she laughs. She will have to maintain the frown until she feels satisfied by the amount of cash sprayed on her. The reason for the many sad pictures that surfaced on the internet.


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