Obasa at War With Bayo Osinowo.

If information emanating from the inner caucus of

the Lagos state house of assembly is anything to go by, then it can be concluded that the speaker, Hon Mudashiru Obasa and influential Hon. Bayo Osinowo are poised for a political war. 
A reliable source said things have fallen apart between the two political gladiators and centre can no longer hold. Because of this, Hon Osinowo popularly known as Pepper has confided to his close associates to truncate the return of Obasa to the house of assembly in 2018.
The crack in the House has become so glaring that it is now being discussed in hush tones within the Assembly complex in Alausa and even the entire Lagos political landscape. As it was gathered, trouble began to brew when Osinowo was alleged to have convened several major assembly meetings at his residence without recourse to the speaker, a matter said to have undermined the speaker’s office.
At one of the meetings, the speaker was accused of spending the state resources in Ogun via a retreat for the assembly members that was taken to Abeokuta on two occasions, hence a protest allegedly promoted by Osinowo against the speaker by the stakeholders in tourism industry.
Until recently, the duo are said to have enjoyed good relationship as it has always been rumoured that Osinowo was instrumental to Obasa’s emergence as the speaker, a claim Pepper often taunts.
It was exclusively gathered that the current supremacy war has divided the house into two political camps namely Aregbe, Yayi/Pepper camp and Obasa for Jagaban camp. The two camps however are said to be of the same political parentage.
In view of the above it is now a common knowledge that major actors in all the scheming are now a regular face at the residence of the political godfather in Ikoyi where they continue to run each other down for relevance.
For instance, Obasa allegedly told his associates that as long as he has the support of Asiwaju Tinubu, Osinowo is of no consequence, while on the other hand, Osinowo claimed to have singlehandedly picked Obasa for the post because he’s the ear and eye of Jagaban in the assembly. 
And with election year strolling in, Obasa’s opponents have started waging a media war aimed at portraying him as ‘’incompetent’’.
“The strategy is simple; go to town with talks that posture him as inefficient and lacking control of the house, tales that overtime would shred is perceived good image,” a source stated.
The aim is meant to put his return as a lawmaker in jeopardy with the party and electorates and also provides a huge stumbling block for his re emergence as Speaker, even if he made it back.
Meanwhile, the media aide of the honourable speaker was contacted to react to the story and he said there is no iota of truth in the alleged fight that the speaker and Osinowo are still as close as ever and that there is nothing absolutely that can separate them.
Pepper’s uncommon closeness to Asiwaju was said to have enabled him to pull several particular stunts, and others. He retains the trust of the decision maker of Lagos politics against all odds. In the house of Assembly, he is regarded as “hand of Tinubu” and accorded great respect.
Operating on the principle “the fear of Pepper is the beginning of wisdom”, many politicians and businessmen now court on issues that require a favourable response from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu – and the State House of Assembly.
An insider disclosed Pepper is gradually assuming the kind of political stature that made many fear Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola – before he became governor of Osun state.
A lot of political ambition have been caged or shot down on his recommendations. “Pepper is one man many do not want to get on his wrong side at present” a source stated.
Checks revealed Pepper with his initial support base in Kosofe Lagos started his quiet rise to “reckoning” empowered by Asiwaju to contain the “formidable” influence and political structure of Alhaji Busura Alebioshu. Moreover, Osinowo has been quoted severally boasting that without him, Asiwaju Tinubu can’t sleep.

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