Nigerian guy explains why he presented a 2 million naira cheque to his girlfriend after the proposed to her

Earlier today, we brought you reports about a Nigerian

Guy who reportedly proposed to his girlfriend with a Diamond Ring, and a 2 million naira cheque.

Identified as Salt Nate on Facebook…

He has taken to the platform to explain why he did it, and to of course clear the air, saying that no “2 million cheque” was presented during the proposal.

He wrote on his Facebook wall:

No 2million cheque was used during our proposal I was wowed when I saw our faces all over the internet to be sincere I have been longing to cement my relationship with my girlfriend but I don’t know how to express the love I have for her so I organised with few friends who know our story and our journey I was able to get a ring worth N50,000 and the cheque was just a dummy stuff to express she’s worth millions of naira.

I am working day and night to make sure she gets the best. 

I love her so much and I won’t fail her

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