Gospel artists rewarded at Crystal Gospel Awards 2014

Lagos – Twenty-nine awards were handed out to
some of the best contemporary Gospel artists in
Nigeria at the Crystal Gospel Awards 2014 which
held on Sunday night at the MUSON Centre,
This is the second edition of the awards and that
24 of the awards were competitive, while the rest
were “Special Awards’’.
The biggest winners of the night were PITA who
won the “Artiste of the Year” and “Best Praise
Song’’ and Frank Edwards who received the “Best
Male Vocalist” and “Most Notable Achievement
Other Special Awards’ winners are Wole Oni,
“Crystan Icon Award’; Sammie Okposo “Lifetime
Achievement Award’’ and Pastor Joseph
Adelakun, “Evergreen Award” and Mr Omax
Eshareturi, “Crystal Humanitarian Award’’.
Lara George received the “Best Female Vocalist’’;
Nikki Laoye won the “Best Worship Song” with
“Only You”; “Song of the Year’’ was “Morire”by
Mike Abdul while “Best Group’’ was the Tehila
Other awards are: “Best Rap/Hip Hop’’ won by IBK
Spaceshipboi; “Best Choir’’ — Grace Assembly
Choir; “Album of the year” — Justified” by Eben;
“Best New Artiste’’ — Preye and “Best Video -”You
Are Great” by Ayo Vincent featuring Joe Praize.
The “Best Traditional Gospel’’ was Okiki Jesu;
“Best Producer’’ — Wilson Joel; “Best Reggae’’ —
Buchi; “Best Video Director” — Yinka Davids;
“Best On-air Personality’” — DJ Gosporella and
“Best Male Artiste In Diaspora’’ — Lawrence Ikiri.
More awards were for “Best Female Artiste In
Diaspora’’ which went to Isabella; “Best Rock’” —
Joe Praize; “Best Use Of Instrument’’ — Mike
Aremu; “Comedian of The Year’’ — Akpororo.
The rest of the awards were “Best Collaboration’’
titled “Hail My King” by Obiwon featuring Frank
Edwards, Eben and Kenny K’ore and “Best Urban/
Inspirational’’ titled “Badman” by Henrisoul.
One of the major highlights of the night was when
Tola Omoniyi the Chief Executive Officer of
Praiseworld Radio knelt down on the stage to
propose to his girlfriend, Mabel Okarofor, before
they presented an award.
Another was the tribute to the late Kefee by Anny
Ibrahim and Nikki Laoye which got many
members of the audience emotional.
There were musical performances by Frank
Edwards, Okiki Jesu, Tehila Crew, Chika 100% and
comedian Akpororo.
The event was hosted by Nollywood actress, Doris
Simeon and upcoming comedian, Grand
The awards were instituted last year by the trio of
Pastor Timi Adegoke, Victor Igbinigie and Pastor
Adenkan Adebayor to celebrate Gospel music in Nigeria.

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Fans read meaning to Davido’s message to Wizkid on birthday

Davido and Wizkid are fast becoming the hot
rivals in the music industry, what Genevieve and
Omotola have become in the movie industry.
Just as Genevieve and Omotola have said they
have no beef for each other, Davido too, has
shown that he has no ill feelings towards Wizkid
by sending him a birthday message through the
Instagram on Wednesday, which was Wizkid’s
But what seemed like a harmless birthday
message, the fans of both crooners have begun
to attach different diverse meanings. Davido
wrote “Happy birthday Oga”, to start series of
interpretations with many asking the question
whether Davido has finally conceded that Wizkid
is his boss in the music industry. Both have
fought for many different awards in the past but
Davido seems to be winning all there is this year.

Facebook lets users squirrel items away

Facebook on Monday began
letting people squirrel away online tidbits such as
links to chew on more thoroughly later.
“Now you can save items that you find on
Facebook to check out later when you have more
time,” software engineer Daniel Giambalvo said in
a blog post on the leading social network.
“You can save items like links, places, movies, TV
and music.”
The feature is being added as Facebook users
increasingly connect with the social network from
mobile devices while on the go, with only snippets
of time to explore Internet offerings.
Letting people save items for later scrutiny
encourages people to return and spend more
time on Facebook, increasing opportunities for
the social network to cash in on money-making
tools such as advertising.
California-based Facebook said users have the
option of keeping saved items private or sharing
them with friends via the social network.
The “Save” feature will be rolled out during the
next few days to those using computer browsers
or mobile devices powered by Apple of Android
software, according to Giambalvo.

Boko Haram abducts politician’s wife and two children in Borno state

Suspected members of Boko Haram have
kidnapped the wife and two children of Alhaji
Zaraye Mala Sheriff, a Councillor in Borno state
who is reported to be a cousin of former Borno
state, governor, Ali Modu Sheriff.
A source told Daily Trust that the men stormed
the Ngala town residence of the politician in the
early hours of Friday July 18th.

“The insurgents stormed the house of the
councillor around 12:30am on Friday and
asked the wife about her husband. They
also asked her for the money he kept at
home but she kept quiet. Luckily enough,
Zaraye was at the other side of the house
and when he heard the conversation, he
fled,” a source from Ngala said.
He said angered by her silence and the absence
of their target, the sect members took her and
her two children away. Continue…
“Up till now, nothing has been heard of the
woman and her kids. We have not heard
anything about the two businessmen
either,” he said.
Two other politicians, Alhaji Annur Mohammed
and Liman Alhaji Hussaini were also reportedly
kidnapped by the sect men.

Meanwhile there are reports that Maiduguri
metropolis and its environs have been without
power in the last three weeks following the
destruction of electricity installations around
Damboa town, 85 kilometers away from the
state capital.

A senior official of the utility firm supplying the
state with power, the Yola Electricity Distribution
Company (YEDC) said the attack by Boko Haram
members in the last three weeks around
Damboa caused “huge damage” to their 33KVA

“The problem is aggravated by the security
situation around Damboa which makes it difficult
for our men to effect repairs. The truth is that it
will take time before electricity would be restored
in Maiduguri and environs,” he said.

Bodies of MH17 crash victims tossed into rubbish trucks and taken to morgue train after 3 days laying in field

Bodies of about 200 victims of the Malaysian
Airlines flight that was shut down on Thursday
July 17th were left in heat in fields for over three
days before they were finally piled up in bags and
tossed into rubbish trucks then transported to
refrigerated train carriages where they are said to
be decaying.

The train with the dead bodies, which observers
says is stinking of decay, is stationed in the town
of Torez where rebels who are in charge say they
will let it leave this afternoon but didn’t indicate
where or whether the bodies would be handed

There’s an international outrage that the rebels
are holding the bodies unnecessarily as families
beg for their loved ones to be returned to them so
they could bury them properly.

The bizarre part is that Holland, who lost more
citizens than any other country, isn’t showing as
much outrage as other countries like Britain that
have threatened to seize Russian’s billions….

Bagged victims can be seen above lined up in
front of a truck yesterday at the crash site, ready
to be moved to the refrigerated trains.

Photos below:

New drug regimen speeds TB treatment

An experimental cocktail of three
drugs can dramatically shorten the time it takes
to treat patients infected with tuberculosis (TB)
strains that are hard to cure with conventional
antibiotics, according to research presented on
Monday at the world AIDS forum.
Dubbed the PaMZ regimen, the drugs killed more
TB bacteria than standard therapy and at a faster
rate in a so-called Phase IIb trial, usually the
penultimate step in vetting new treatments for
safety and effectiveness, investigators said.
If funding is found, PaMZ will move to Phase III
tests by the end of the year, their backers TB
Alliance said.
Doctors are deeply worried by the emergence of
tuberculosis bacteria that fail to respond to
frontline antibiotics. These resistant strains are
especially dangerous for people co-infected with
the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which
causes AIDS. HIV attacks CD4 immune cells,
leaving the body exposed to opportunistic
PaMZ comprises two candidate drugs that are not
yet licensed for use against TB, called Pa-824 and
moxifloxacin, deployed with an existing
treatment, pyrazinamide.
The treatment, which is administered as tablets,
was formulated specifically for patients believed
to have TB strains that can be targeted by these
The trial reported at the 20th International AIDS
Conference in Melbourne entailed testing PaMZ
against standard drugs — isoniazid, rifampicin,
pyrazinamide and ethambutol — among 207
volunteers in South Africa, a fifth of whom were
co-infected with HIV.
Of these, 181 were sensitive to the PaMZ drugs
while 26 were multi-drug-resistant (MDR),
meaning that they had failed to respond to
conventional antibiotics.
It found that 71 per cent of people treated with
PaMZ were cleared of TB bacteria in their sputum
within two months. By comparison, only 38 per
cent of those on standard therapy were clear at
eight weeks.
The MDR patients all took PaMZ and were treated
within four to six months, compared to two years
for standard treatment. This should translate into
cost savings of more than 90 per cent in some
countries, as MDR therapy is complex and labour-
Another boon was that PaMZ showed no signs of
interfering with commonly-used antiretrovial
treatments to suppress HIV.
“TB remains the largest killer of people with AIDS,
causing one in five HIV-related deaths globally.
Yet often TB and HIV therapies cannot be given
together because of side effects, making it
difficult to treat both diseases simultaneously,” TB
Alliance said.
At least a third of the roughly 35 million people
living within HIV worldwide are infected with TB in
its latent form, meaning that they have the
Mycobacterium tuberculosis germ that causes the
disease but do not yet have any symptoms of
illness, according to the UN’s World Health
Organization (WHO).
But people co-infected with TB and HIV are nearly
30 times likelier to develop active TB than those
without HIV. In 2012, around 320,000 people
died of HIV-associated TB, the WHO said.

India smokers fume over cigarette tax hike

Smokers in India have been left
fuming, after the government announced a
double-digit hike in “sin taxes” for cigarettes in its
latest budget. The government said the increased
excise tax is an attempt to reduce tobacco-
related deaths in the country.
A pack of cigarettes, which used to cost US$10,
will now cost 20 per cent more, burning a deeper
hole in the pockets of both smokers and sellers.
This came after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
recently moved to increase the excise duty by 11
per cent to 72 per cent.
Cigarette seller Bipin Kumar Tandon said:
“Cigarette sales have gone down by almost 25
per cent, because of the government’s tax hike.”
With an estimated 1.5 million lives lost annually to
smoking, the government hopes that the newly-
revised tax can change that.
Medical practitioner Dr C P Singh said: “More than
90 per cent of cancer-related cases in India have
a history of smoking. The government should
create more awareness. Smokers should be
counselled about the dangerous effects of
Yet some tobacco addicts saw little sense in the
Smoker Pradeep Aggarwal said: “If I smoke a
cigarette pack worth US$3, then there are US$1
packs also available in the market. People will
start smoking cheaper cigarettes, and whatever
they can afford.”
Concerns have also been raised that the measure
might impact the livelihoods of tobacco farmers.
But health experts argued that if the hike
succeeds, the health benefits accrued will far
outweigh any revenue lost by the tobacco industry.

Female rapper and songwriter, Munachi Abii, has
revealed the reason behind her absence in the
booming entertainment industry in Nigeria. She
disclosed that she went on sabbatical to work on
herself and also to identify with those that love
and hate her.
According to her, artistes should not regularly
release songs, but sometimes take a break in
order not to lose track so as to remain relevant in
the industry.
“I just decided to take a break. It’s not every time
you have to release songs, you have to take time
out in between. If you continue doing songs all
the time, before you know it, you will crash and it
is happening to a lot of people right now without
them even knowing it.
“So I had to take some time away to study
people, the environment, and the music industry
to know those that love and hate me. So that’s
what I did. I took a step back and it wasn’t too
long and I also used the time to work on my
tracks and work on myself as well. So that is why
I decided to keep quiet,” she explained in a
recent interview.
The one time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN)
also added that her ability to have remained
relevant in the industry was because of her team
and fans, who have been supportive. Muna, as
the rapper is fondly called, also stated that if not
for her team and fans, she would not have been
where she is today.
“I also love my team, they have been hard-
working and we have been making it and I love
working with people that are hungry because I
am hungry as well,” she said.

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