Duke-NUS researchers shed more light on how dengue gets its bite

The researchers from the Program in
Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) have
discovered a new way by which dengue virus-2
(DENV-2) evades the human defence system,
according to Duke-National University of
Singapore (NUS).
In a statement on Wednesday (July 16), the local
graduate medical school said when a virus enters
the body and infects cells, it induces the
production and release of interferons (IFNs),
which are proteins that raise the body’s anti-viral
defence mechanism.
However, DENV-2 would enter the cell and
produce large quantities of non-coding, highly
structured viral RNA and these would attach itself
to cell proteins that typically help in producing
anti-viral proteins in response to the IFNs.
Because of this, the cell is unable to mount its
anti-viral defences and protect itself against virus
replication, the statement said.
In other words, DENV-2 produces fragments of its
own genome to act like a sponge to soak up the
factors needed to produce the virus-killing
machinery, added Associate Professor Eng Eong
Ooi, Deputy Director of EID.
Senior author of the report, Professor Mariano
Garcia-Blanco from EID, said the findings were
“surprising” because in 30 years of RNA and
dengue-related research, this evasion mechanism
was never discovered.
“We not only found a new way in which the
dengue virus interferes with the host response,
we also uncovered the first mechanistic insight
into how this non-coding RNA works. This
discovery opens the door to explore therapeutics
through this channel,” Prof Garcia-Blanco said.
The study was first published by medical journal
PLOS Pathogens online on July 3, 2014, and is
supported by the Ministry of Health’s National
Medical Research Council under its Individual
Research Grant, the statement added.


Apple, IBM team up on devices for business

Apple and IBM unveiled a “landmark”
partnership on Tuesday to win over business
customers by offering iPhones and iPads that are
specially tailored to the enterprise users.
The tie-up, which aims to boost Apple’s share of
the market for mobile devices for businesses, will
offer custom-made apps which bring the power of
IBM’s supercomputing analytics to a mobile
workforce, a joint statement said.
“The landmark partnership aims to redefine the
way work will get done, address key industry
mobility challenges and spark true mobile-led
business change,” the statement said.
“Apple and IBM’s shared vision for this
partnership is to put in the hands of business
professionals everywhere the unique capabilities
of iPads and iPhones with a company’s
knowledge, data, analytics and workflows.”
The companies plan to release more than 100
industry-specific enterprise solutions including
apps developed for the iOS platform, along with
IBM cloud services, security and analytics.
As part of the deal, IBM will also sell iPhones and
iPads tailored to specific industries.
“For the first time ever we’re putting IBM’s
renowned big data analytics at iOS users’
fingertips, which opens up a large market
opportunity for Apple,” said Apple’s chief
executive Tim Cook.
“This is a radical step for enterprise and
something that only Apple and IBM can deliver.”
Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman, president and CEO,
said the alliance “will build on our momentum in
bringing these innovations to our clients globally.”
Apple will create a new service and support
offering tailored help to the needs of the
enterprise, while IBM will manage some of the
functions like device activation and security.
The deal includes a private app catalog, and helps
business customers transform IBM services for
mobile devices.
The new offerings will be pushed through Apple’s
new mobile operating system, iOS 8, which was
unveiled in June.
The news comes with Apple seeking to boost
growth amid a global onslaught of smartphones
and tablets using the Google Android operating
system. While Apple is popular among many
consumers, its appeal to corporate users has
been more limited.
The research firm IDC said it expects Android
smartphones to remain ahead of the pack with an
80.4 percent market share in 2014, and that
Apple’s market share for the iPhone is forecast to
be 14.8 percent.
A survey by Strategy Analytics said Android
grabbed 65.8 percent of global tablet sales in the
first quarter, up from 53 percent a year ago.
Apple meanwhile saw iPad sales slump and its
market share tumbled to 28.4 percent from 40.3
percent a year earlier.

How 57 year old man planned to have sex, kill and eat 14-yr old girl(Photo)

A male nurse bought an axe hours before travelling to
meet a 14-year-old girl who he planned to have sex
with, kill and eat.
Dale Bolinger, 57, went to his local Homebase and
bought the axe hours before he was due to meet
the teen.He then went to Ashford International rail
station, Kent, to meet the girl – who is only known by
her online profile name Eva – but she failed to turn up.
Bolinger’s disturbing plan was uncovered by the FBI
who found him chatting about rape, murder and
cannibalism on the internet calling himself
His online conversations on a website called Dark
Fetish Network included boasts he had already eaten a
39-year-old woman and a five- year-old child.Bolinger
also wrote about how meat from a child was more tender
– and how he got sexual gratification from his fantasies
about cannibalism.The FBI alerted British police – who
arrested the nurse in February last year at the Kent
hospital where he worked.
Officers then raided his home in Canterbury and found a
photo of him posing with an axe in front of a
mirror.Opening the case, prosecutor Martin Yale said: ‘
Dark Fetish Network is a website for those who
fantasize about various things, including
cannibalism.’It is the Crown’s case that one of the users
that Bolinger befriended on DFN was someone he
believed to be a 14-year-old girl.And having discussed
with her his fantasies in relation to her on more than
one occasion, made arrangements to meet her with the
intention of committing a sexual offence on her.’
The prosecutor claimed Bolinger told her of the ‘sorts
of sexual acts he would perform on her both before and
after her death’.
He added that they allegedly talked about her death and
‘she responded that she would like this to happen.’
Mr Yale described some of the messages Bolinger sent
the girl – including one which said he wanted to
‘remove’ her ‘sweet’ head.
Later in that message he said the idea of making love
the teen before eating her was a ‘turn-on’.
One lengthy exchange between the pair read out in
court included Bolinger asking Eva if she wanted to be
‘beheaded’ to which she replied:
‘I need a man, real one to do it.’
Bolinger then described how he would do the act,
saying he could show her the pose he would adopt to
behead her.
On repeated occasions throughout the exchange,
Bolinger asks her..
‘so you really want to be beheaded.’
Later, the pair discuss where and when they would be
able to meet – with the man saying:
‘Great, I can meet you at Ashford International train
station and take you home to kill you. It can be that
Bolinger then describes his plan to meet the teenager
and take her to his house, before stripping her and
beheading her.
In the exchange, he then says he ‘doesn’t like waste’ and
so would eat her in ‘many different ways’.
After hearing of his plan Eva tells him: ‘I am almost
crying of desire.’ (sic)
Another message read: ‘I’ve been called a very
generous lover and I’d be very generous to you before I
prepped you for the table.’
Mr. Yale said:
‘Bolinger discussed buying an axe and referred her to
pictures of axes on the Internet and they discussed
them.’Bolinger discussed buying an axe and referred
her to pictures of axes on the internet and they
discussed them.’It is apparent that his intention when
he travelled to Ashford International Station was that
he would meet 14-year-old Eva and a sexual offence
would take place.
‘However, Eva did not arrive, something about which he
challenged her in the final entries of the Eva Gonza
Chat Log the following afternoon.’
Mr. Yale said Bolinger’s mobile. phone records showed
he was in the Ashford area between 11.56 and 12.08 on
the morning he was due to meet the girl.
Bolinger was arrested after an investigation by the FBI
in New York in September 2012 into online chats
between people discussing ‘amongst other things
raping, killing and cannibalising women’

Culled from Mailonline

Yahoo says quarterly profit dips to US$ 270m

Yahoo said on Tuesday profit in
the past quarter fell from a year ago, prompting
chief executive Marissa Mayer to declare “we are
not satisfied.”
Net profit in the second quarter dropped 19 per
cent from a year ago to US$270 million, in results
weaker than expected.
Revenue meanwhile fell four percent to US$1.08
billion, also below analyst expectations.
“Our top priority is revenue growth and by that
measure we are not satisfied with our Q2 results,”
Mayer said in a statement nearly two years after
being named to head the Internet pioneer.
She noted that “several areas showed strength,”
but that other segments such as display
advertising lagged.
These are trends “further highlighting the fact
that we need to work faster to ameliorate the
negative trends,” Mayer said.
“I believe we can and will do better moving
forward. Overall, I remain confident in Yahoo’s
future, our strategy, and our return to long-term
Yahoo also said it had reached an agreement with
Alibaba to sell fewer shares than anticipated when
the Chinese online giant makes its market debut.
The deal reduced the number of shares Yahoo will
sell from 208 million shares to 140 million.
Chief finance officer Ken Goldman said that the
majority of the proceeds of the sale of Yahoo’s
stake would be returned to shareholders.
“We would like to take this opportunity to let our
investors know that we are committed to return
at least half of the after-tax IPO proceeds to
shareholders, in line with our overarching
commitment to maximizing shareholder value
through prudent capital allocation,” he said in the
earnings statement.
Yahoo holds a stake of around 22 per cent in the
Chinese group, which has announced plans for a
US initial public offering.
Yahoo said that in the past quarter it made gains
in search-related advertising and other online
advertising which helped offset the decline in
display ad revenues.
But analysts have pointed out that Yahoo is losing
momentum in key areas of online advertising, as
the one-time Internet star seeks to redefine itself
with new services such as video, music, blogs and
According to the research firm eMarketer,
Microsoft is expected to overtake Yahoo for the
first time in digital advertising revenues.
The survey by eMarketer represents a setback for
Yahoo’s effort to return to its glory days as an
Internet pioneer.
The report said Google will extend its domination
of the global digital ad market this year, with a
31.45 per cent market share, while Facebook will
see its share grow to 7.79 per cent.
Yahoo’s ad revenues will increase by around 2.7
per cent to US$3.53 billion, but its growth will be
slower than the rest of the fast-growing sector,
eMarketer said.
Microsoft meanwhile is expected to see 20 per
cent growth in ad revenues to US$3.56 billion, for
a 2.54 per cent market share.

Microsoft begins Cortana rollout with Lumia Cyan update

Microsoft has begun offering its artificially-
intelligent virtual personal assistant, Cortana, on
Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows
Phone 8.
Cortana, which is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s
Siri, will start rolling out to Windows Phone 8
devices in the United States today, via a software
update called Lumia Cyan. It is expected to
become available on the full range of Lumia
phones in the coming weeks, and will arrive in the
UK by the end of the year.
Microsoft describes Cortana as “the virtual
assistant built around you”. Named after the AI
character that appears in the Halo video game,
Cortana “tracks what you care about, helps you
become more productive, and even gets better at
her job the more she learns about you”.
The company has used this month’s World Cup as
an opportunity to show off the abilities of its
Cortana software. Cortana correctly predicted the
outcome of all but one match in this year’s World
Cup elimination round. The predictions come from
Microsoft’s Bing search engine.
The Lumia Cyan update will also give Windows
Phone 8 users an extra column of customised ‘live
tiles’ on the start screen, a centralised ‘action
centre’ for notifications and settings, and the
Word Flow keyboard, which lets users type by
gliding their finger over the keyboard.
Other features include updates to the camera,
camera roll and Storyteller social-networking app,
as well as the ability to install apps to microSD
cards, and video recording with surround sound.
For business users, Microsoft claims that Windows
Phone 8.1 will turn their Lumia into a “tiny, highly
efficient digital office”, with access to Office for
Windows Phone, OneNote, Outlook, Skype and
Business users can also send digitally signed and
encrypted emails and set their smartphone to
automatically access their company’s virtual
private network (VPN).

FIFA will lift ban on Nigeria ‘very soon’—NFA

A member of the Nigeria Football Association
(NFA), Mr Joe Amene, on Tuesday assured
Nigerians that the ban slammed on Nigeria by
FIFA would soon be lifted.
He gave the assurance in an interview in Onitsha.
Amene said that the country had gone through
similar situations twice in the past, adding that
the previous situations were settled in the best
interest of the country.
“There must be a solution and I am sure the
concerned authorities are addressing the issues
“We must also appreciate the fact that Nigeria, as
a sovereign country, also has her own laws.
“The issues bothering FIFA as they concern the
federation will be sorted out.
“This is not the first time it had happened; it is
not the second time. So, I believe that there is a
light at the end of the tunnel.
“I can assure you that in the next 48 hours, we
would begin to see the light of this current
“It is not coming to stay, whatever reason it is.
“But, then, for every other right thinking person; I
have a feeling that if you are talking about the
case in court, I am sure it would be withdrawn.
“If you are talking about the other situations, I am
sure we also have solutions to the situations and
at the end of the day, Nigeria will come out top.’’
NAN recalls that FIFA recently banned Nigeria
from engaging in international football
tournaments following the sack of the leadership
of the NFF by a High Court in Plateau.

Chris Brown’s Rihanna Relationship Addressed By Tearful Karrueche Tran

Model Karrueche Tran, who has been romantically
linked to Chris Brown, recently addressed the
singer’s relationship with Rihanna.
“Just keeping a level head and positivity,” Tran
says in an interview with Just Keke. “I’ve never
dated a celebrity before so it was very new to me.
Paparazzi and all that. And then, even the
situation with Rihanna…People tuned into this so
much was because it’s relatable. I have
girlfriends, I have family who’s gone through the
same situation. It’s the case of the ex. We all go
through it. However, in this case, my boyfriend is
a celebrity whose ex-girlfriend is an even
bigger…So not only am I fighting a battle with
her, I’m fighting about it with her 14 million
Tran says the most difficult part of her
relationship with Brown has been “the
heartbreak.” When speaking about this, the
model becomes tearful. The interview excerpt is
In 2009, Chris Brown assaulted then-girlfriend
Rihanna. Eventually, the two reconciled. In 2012,
Rihanna said the pair would likely always love one
. Last year, Brown acknowledged that he and
Rihanna reunited, but also confirmed they had
broken up soon after.

Drake Reveals Title Of Next Album


uly 15, 2014 | Andres Tardio
Drake has announced his upcoming album, Views
From The 6, according to Billboard .
The album is set to follow several other events in
Drake’s calendar. Tomorrow (July 16), the emcee
is set to host The ESPYs on ESPN.
Following this, Drake is set to help release two
projects off his OVO Sound imprint, Majid
Jordan’s EP Place Like This and
for a July 29 release.
In August, Drake is scheduled to host OVOFest
(August 3-4). He is slated to headline, along with
From headlining with OutKast, Drake is set to
embark on a run with Lil Wayne as part of the
duo’s Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour.
“A lot of people still don’t know it’s a real thing,
but it’s real and it’s going to be very
competitive,” Drake has said of the tour, which is
sponsored by Capcom, the makers of Street
Drake has not started work on the new album,
according to the report.
As reported in June, Drake hinted towards a new
project in 2015 on “0-100.”
“We already got spring 2015 poppin’,” he rhymes
on the track . “PND droppin’, Reps-up P droppin’,
Majid Jordan droppin’, OB droppin’, not to
mention me droppin’.”

British PM reshuffles his cabinet on Twitter


Getting the latest news on a British
government reshuffle once meant loitering for
hours in Downing Street waiting for ministers to
emerge from the prime minister’s office and
judging their fate by the look on their face.
But in this age of social media, David Cameron
unveiled a major shake-up of his cabinet on
Tuesday via his two official Twitter accounts,
which between them boast 3.4 million followers.
“I’ll be reshuffling the Cabinet today. Watch this
Twitter feed for the very latest. #Reshuffle,” the
premier announced overnight.


When his Conservative party was still in
opposition in 2009, Cameron famously explained
his reluctance to join Twitter, saying: “The
instantness of it, I think — too many t*** might
make a t***.”
But he is now firmly on board, and amid the
swirling and often contradictory rumours in
Westminster, @Number10gov and @David_
Cameron became an authoritative source of
information about who was in and who was out.
Government ministries routinely use Twitter and
more than 450 of the 650 members of the House
of Commons have accounts, with former foreign
secretary William Hague one of the most
enthusiastic users.
Hague would often tweet reaction to breaking
news to his 240,000 followers well before an
official statement arrived from the Foreign Office
— to the occasional consternation of the staff in
the press office.
Hague’s replacement, former defence secretary
Philip Hammond, has yet to set up an official
account and a spokesman said it was “too early”
to say how he would use social media.
True to form, Hague announced his resignation
via @WilliamJHague on Monday night just as
Cameron tweeted a message of thanks for his
four years in the job.
It is not the first time the prime minister has used
social media in this way, having unveiled a
previous reshuffle in September 2012 through a
string of tweets.
Twitter also allowed those who had been
promoted to crow about their new job, and those
who were passed over to have the final word.
Former defence secretary Liam Fox had been
widely tipped to return to the cabinet, but as
speculation grew about his failure to be
promoted, he tweeted a statement pointing out
that he had been offered a job — but had turned
it down.
Former climate change minister Greg Barker,
meanwhile, gave thanks for the online support
after he was shown the door.
“As we all know Twitter can be a cruel mistress
at times but have been really moved & surprised
by so many lovely messages. #ThankYou,” he

Microsoft may pass Yahoo in ad revenues


Microsoft is expected to overtake
Yahoo for the first time in digital advertising
revenues, a research firm said Tuesday.
The survey by eMarketer represents a setback for
Yahoo’s effort to return to its glory days as an
Internet pioneer.
The report said Google will extend its domination
of the global digital ad market this year, with a
31.45 percent market share, while Facebook will
see its share grow to 7.79 percent.
Yahoo’s ad revenues will increase by around 2.7
percent to $3.53 billion, but its growth will be
slower than the rest of the fast-growing sector,
eMarketer said.
Microsoft meanwhile is expected to see 20
percent growth in ad revenues to $3.56 billion, for
a 2.54 percent market share.
The total market for digital ads is expected to
grow by 16.7 percent to $140 billion, the survey
said. Facebook and Twitter are expected to see
the fastest growth, eMarketer said, although
Twitter’s market share will remain below one
The news comes with Yahoo set to report
quarterly results, two years into the
reorganisation launched by chief executive
Marissa Mayer.

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