World Ebola fears grow, with Europe and Asia on alert

Fears that the west African Ebola
outbreak could spread to other continents grew on Wednesday (July 30), with European and Asian countries on alert and a leading medical charity warning the epidemic was out of control.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said the crisis gripping Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone would only get worse and warned there was no overarching strategy to handle the world’s worst-
ever outbreak of the disease.

Hong Kong announced quarantine measures for suspected cases, although one woman arriving from Africa with possible symptoms tested
negative, while the EU said it was ready to deal with the threat.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has held talks with global health officials on potential measures to halt the spread of the

In Britain, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond chaired the government’s COBRA crisis management committee to assess the situation, although only one person has tested negative for
the disease. “The prime minister does regard it as a very serious threat,” Hammond said.

“We are very much focused on it as a new and emerging threat which we need to deal with.” He said the emergency meeting had decided that
the best approach was to provide “additional resources to deal with the disease at source” in west Africa.

Ebola can kill victims within days, causing severe fever and muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and, in some cases, organ failure and unstoppable
bleeding. Since March, there have been 1,201 cases of Ebola and 672 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, according to the World Health
Organisation (WHO).

The European Union is equipped and ready to treat victims should the deadly virus be found in its 28 member states, an EU source said in
Brussels. “We cannot rule out the possibility that an infected person arrives in Europe but the EU
has the means to track and contain any outbreak rapidly,” the source said.

The isolation and negative testing of a suspected case in Valencia in Spain showed that the
“system worked”, added the source. “The level of contamination on the ground is extremely worrying and we need to scale up our action
before many more lives are lost,” said EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva.


In Hong Kong, a densely populated city previously scarred by disease outbreaks such as the 2003
SARS epidemic, health officials confirmed they would quarantine as a precautionary measure any visitors from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia who showed fever symptoms.

One woman arriving in the southern Chinese city from Africa, who showed symptoms including fever and vomiting, has tested negative for Ebola.

Bart Janssens, MSF’s director of operations, warned that governments and global bodies had no “overarching view” vision of how to tackle the
outbreak. “This epidemic is unprecedented, absolutely out of control and the situation can only get worse, because it is still spreading, above all in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in some very important hotspots,” he said.

“If the situation does not improve fairly quickly, there is a real risk of new countries being affected,” he told La Libre Belgique newspaper.

In Canada, local media reported that a Canadian doctor had put himself in quarantine as a precaution after spending weeks in west Africa treating patients with the virus alongside an
American doctor, who is now infected.
Meanwhile in Sierra Leone, a doctor in charge of an Ebola treatment centre became another victim of the virus.

A spokesman for the French foreign ministry said they were offering technical support and expertise on the ground in west Africa.

Togo-based pan-African airline ASKY, which serves 20 destinations, said it halted all flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone following the death
of a passenger from the virus. The 40-year-old man, who travelled from Liberia, died in Lagos on Friday in Nigeria’s first confirmed death from

The virus crossing borders for the first time by plane could lead to new flight restrictions aimed at containing outbreaks, the world aviation
agency said. “Until now (the virus) had not Impacted commercial aviation, but now we’re
affected,” ICAO secretary general Raymond Benjamin said. “We will have to act quickly.”


Woman strips naked to hug Mandela statue in S.Africa

A woman stripped naked in Nelson
Mandela Square in Johannesburg and caressed a huge statue of the liberation hero as astonished bystanders looked on, local media reported Wednesday.

The young African woman first saluted the statue of the former president, who is revered for his role in defeating the racist apartheid system, before disrobing, witnesses said.

A picture posted on Twitter showed her naked and leaning her head against the knee of the statue in an upmarket area of South Africa’s
commercial capital.

A waitress at a nearby restaurant told The Star newspaper that the woman’s actions, at around 4.00pm on a busy Monday, had caused a frenzy.

Male waiters got their orders wrong and a male customer was hit on the head by his wife for getting up to take a closer look, she said.

Nelson Mandela Square marketing manager Megan Meas said a security guard had asked the woman to put on her clothes, which she did before leaving the square without answering any questions.

“This was an unauthorised incident conducted by a private citizen in her personal capacity on our
property,” Meas said.

Yobe Police Confirm Yesterday’s Multiple Bomb Blasts • Casualty Figures Still Sketchy

The Yobe Police Command on Wednesday in Damaturu confirmed Tuesday’s bomb attacks in Potiskum.

Mr Nansak Chewang, the command’s
Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) the police were however working on the details to know exactly
those involved. He said…

“We are still working on the details to get the authentic figures of casualties in the bomb attacks in Potiskum,’’ he said.

NAN reports that bombs planted in two mosques had exploded at about 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday night – when Muslims in the area were preparing
for the evening prayers.

A yet-to-be-identified number of residents might have died in the explosion that occurred in a
“busy area” of Potiskum, Yobe State.

Why Asari Dokubo is unhappy with President Jonathan.

After the assassination attempt on Gen.Buhari(rtd) ,President Jonathan openly condemned it.
Meanwhile ,ex-militamt, Asari Dokubo claimed Buhari planned the attack on himself to discredit the government. Now,he is not happy with the president. He also said the boy arrested what a cross gender not the one behind the attack

“I do not work for Jonathan. What the President said was wrong. The life of Buhari is not more important than 87 people that died in that blast. It
is unfortunate that the president made such a statement. I wonder why the President will be promoting one person above that of other Nigerians.“That statement from the President was very unfortunate. I do not have the capacity to tell the President to apologize, but I still insist
that he should not have made such a statement.

“Soon after the blast, a cross-gender person came out and was arrested. Even the mother of the person arrested said he was insane”.

“Social media reports said I gave them N5 million to carry out the attack. These things are masterminded. The first one is against President Jonathan and the other is against me.I did not pay anybody to carry out any assassination attempt on Buhari. I do not have anything against him. He
is not a threat. He will fail in 2015. For the records, I do not operate a Twitter account and anyone saying I tweeted that there will be more attacks is only using my name.”
“They want to silence me because they know the role I will play in 2015. They have also sponsored reports in Benin Republic that I am the person
financing Boko Haram.

Abia Boils As Political Heavyweights Fight For Governor’s Seat

The controversies surrounding the tussle to choose Abia State Governor, Theodore Orji’s successor has become heated as the days go by.

PDP has always been peaceful and united in the state until now that there are so many political figure heads who want to be the governor of the state.

2015 general election has posed a great challenge to the party with a lot of personality who flies PDP flag in 2015 governorship.

Not only that, the zoning factor is getting on the nerve of everyone and the agitation by the Ukwa/ Ngwa political bloc to produce Abia’s next
governor is a factor that the PDP cannot afford to ignore as it selects its candidate for the poll.

Orji declared in a recent function that, “I am a product of rotation. If there was no rotation I may not have been governor today. I must continue with rotation because power moved from Abia- North to Abia-Central, and must go to Abia-South.

“ It is incumbent on me because failure to do that will be injustice to myself and my party. Even the
President is also a product of rotation. The states around us are also clamouring for rotation. It is fair to both God and man.”

‘America’s Got Talent’ Adds Google Voting

Viewers Of NBC’s Summer Flagship Now Will Be Able To Vote For And Save Their Favorite Contestants Using Google Search.

NBC is teaming with Google to add a new layer of interactivity for fans of America’s Got Talent.

viewers will now be able to vote for
their favorite contestant on the summer competition series by searching for ” America’s Got Talent” or “AGT” on Google. That search, conducted while polls are open, will reveal a window where viewers can
submit their votes.

America’s Got Talent also is using the feature to add a new option of saving contestants during the live shows, sponsored by Snapple. Starting Wednesday, viewers will be able to Google search “Snapple Save”
or ” America’s Got Talent Save” to vote for the act they want to save. At the end of the night, those with the most saves will continue in the competition.

“We are excited to bring viewers more easy and Interactive ways to participate in America’s Got
Talent,” said NBC Entertainment executive vp digital Robert Hayes. “By partnering with Google, we hope
to give all fans the power to make a difference in the outcome of the show.”

Viewers will be allowed to vote up to 10 times using the Google vote tool. They also will be able to continue voting with existing methods via
telephones, and Facebook.
This isn’t the first time that Google has provided voting technology.

The tech giant also worked with Fox’s American Idol last season to let fans cast ballots via search.
America’s Got Talent is produced by Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and FremantleMedia North America. Executive producers on the show include Cowell, Jason Raff, Sam Donnelly, Trish Kinane and Richard Wallace.

Home Remedies for Stomach Flu

The stomach flu, or gastroenteritis, is a condition where the gastrointestinal tract is inflamed, usually as a result of contracting a viral infection. The four common viruses that can cause stomach flu are adenovirus, astrovirus, caliciviruses and rotavirus.
Stomach flu is highly contagious and common among adults and children. It gets spread through contact with someone or something that
is contaminated with the virus.

Symptoms usually appear 48 hours after exposure to the virus and
last for two to five days, or in severe cases up to 10 days.

Having stomach flu is a very unpleasant experience. Common symptoms include upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, headache, body
aches, stomach cramping, mild fever,
fatigue and vomiting .

In most cases, stomach flu goes away on its own. To speed up recovery, the best things you can do are take rest, keep your body well hydrated by
drinking plenty of water and treat the symptoms with home remedies.

Here are the home remedies for stomach flu.

1. Ginger

With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is a highly effective home remedy for stomach flu. Plus, ginger is a natural antiviral that will help fight off the virus causing the flu.

This herb will aid digestion and give you relief from nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and bloating. It will also help reduce the frequency of loose stools.

Add one teaspoon of freshly chopped ginger to a cup of hot water. Cover and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes. Strain and sip this tea slowly. Drink it several times a day until you feel better.
You can even chew a small piece of fresh ginger root several times a day to soothe the stomach.
Note: People with high blood pressure should avoid ginger remedies.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is another herb widely used to fight stomach flu. It is a carminative and contains antispasmodic properties that help dispel gas and bloating as well as give you relief from stomach and intestinal cramps.

Add one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves to one cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for 10 minutes, strain and cool. Drink this herbal tea four or five times daily between meals for two to three days.
You can also take one or two enteric-coated peppermint capsules two or three times per day until you get relief from the symptoms.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also very effective against stomach flu. It is a powerful antibacterial as well as antiviral agent that will destroy any bacteria or virus in your stomach. Also, cinnamon’s warm nature will quickly help get rid of the chills, aches and pains and make you feel more comfortable.

Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to one and one-half cups of boiling water. Let it brew for five minutes, and then strain with a cheese cloth or fine strainer. Add one teaspoon of honey. Drink the soothing tea three or four times a day for two days.
Alternatively, you can mix one-half teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one tablespoon of pure honey in a glass of warm water. Drink this up to three times a day for two days.

4. Chamomile

Another herb that is known for its wonderful stomach-healing properties is chamomile. It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it particularly effective in treating many of the stomach flu symptoms. Be it diarrhea, abdominal cramping, bloating, nausea or gas, chamomile will help give you relief.

Add two to three teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers to a cup of hot water.
Cover and let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
Strain, and then add some lemon juice and honey as per your taste.
Drink this tea three or four times a day for two to three days.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another effective home treatment for stomach flu is apple cider vinegar. It acts as an effective agent against the viruses that cause stomach flu. It is also a rich source of pectin, which helps soothe an irritated stomach. Moreover, it helps treat stomach ache, nausea, vomiting and gas.

Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water or any fruit juice. Drink it before meals until you get complete relief from stomach flu symptoms.
Alternatively, add one tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey to one cup of warm water. Drink this every few hours until you start feeling better.

6. Lemon

Because of its acidic effect, lemon is considered an excellent remedy for stomach flu. It can kill the pathogens that cause stomach flu. Plus, the vitamin C in lemon as well as the antimicrobial properties boost the immune system to fight off the virus.

Mix one to two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water.
Drink it 30 minutes before meals.
Follow this remedy until you recover completely.

7. Probiotic Yogurt

Building up the good bacteria in your intestines by eating probiotic yogurt is a good way to fight off the various symptoms of stomach flu. Probiotic yogurt has live cultures that aid digestion and also help keep your immune system strong.

Simply eat two to three cups of probiotic yogurt daily until you get relief. You can also add some banana slices to your yogurt to enhance the taste as well as effectiveness.
You can also make a tasty smoothie with yogurt, banana, apple and honey. Drink it two or three times a day for faster recovery.

8. Garlic

Another natural stomach flu remedy is garlic, due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Also, garlic will soothe the lining of stomach, bringing you relief from cramping, indigestion, bloating and gas.

Mix one teaspoon of freshly chopped garlic with some honey.
Eat it immediately after preparing it.
Repeat two or three times a day for two days to speed up recovery.

9. Rice Water

If you are suffering from diarrhea and a stomach ache due to the stomach flu, the best remedy is rice water. Rice water is a bland food that acts like a demulcent to help reduce inflammation of the stomach lining and alleviate pain.

In an uncovered pan, boil one-half cup of white rice in six cups of water until the rice is tender.
Strain and allow the water to cool.
Add one-half teaspoon each of honey and cinnamon powder.
Sip the warm rice water slowly every hour.

10. Banana

Both ripe and raw bananas have proven to be very helpful in the treatment of stomach flu. Bananas are easy to digest and contain a good amount of potassium and magnesium. These minerals are two of the electrolytes that the body, including the stomach, needs to function properly.

If you have diarrhea, mash one ripe banana and mix in one teaspoon of tamarind pulp and a pinch of salt. Eat this twice daily until you feel better.
Eat one or two ripe bananas during the day for a week to restore your digestive health.
You can also try raw banana soup as a bland food to help your body recover quickly.

Most of the symptoms of stomach flu will subside within 48 hours. If you are still not feeling well after a couple of days, see your doctor immediately to rule out a more serious condition.

Why We Have Not Impeached President Jonathan ––Senator

The senator representing Edo North Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Domingo Obende, has said the senate jettisoned impeachment moves against President Goodluck
Jonathan in the interest of stability.

Domingo, who spoke to newsmen at his country home, Igarra in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area of Edo State, decried the use of power by the PDP-controlled Federal Government to
intimidate the opposition.

The senator said that the red chamber decided to stop plans to impeach the President, who had
“committed an impeachable offence,” in order to avoid national crisis.
In the words of the Senator: “What are we even talking about? Who is saying that the President himself has not committed an impeachable offence?

“That is what the National Assembly ought to be looking at, but because of stability. And the leaderships of the two chambers of the National Assembly are mature in the way they
are handling the issues, and we look at Nigeria as an entity that must be salvaged.

“And, of course, the whole of African nations are looking at us as the giant of Africa. Are we going to be a giant in rascality?”
The lawmaker, who is also the Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory, expressed fear that Nigeria’s democracy would
face greater danger, if the wave of impeachment was left unchecked.

Domingo said, “What is happening is very surprising to a lot of us. First and foremost, there is danger around the corner, there is danger in the political arena, because we are a political
system that ought to be stable but encumber itself with impeachment threat and processes.”

He said, “To me, I see it as a clear parliamentary misbehaviour, where a governor, who was given a mandate by his people, is not allowed to exercise his rights. And if he sure does, it is only the
people who can call for his recall.

“I think if you asked me, there should be a total repeal of these sections of harassment of impeachment. Let it go through the court process first. And if you win in the courts, you can
now come to the House and seek for an impeachment.”

Wiz Khalifa Reveals When He Thinks Weed Will Be Legalized In America

Recently, Wiz Khalifa, who is known for his affinity to marijuana, was asked to reveal when he believes weed will be legalized around the

“In the next three to five years, hopefully,” Wiz says in an interview with Columbus, Ohio’s Power

However, Wiz says that might be too long. “Five years is pushing it,” he adds. “So, in three years, it’ll definitely be decriminalized and

If marijuana is legalized, Wiz Khalifa will avoid further legal troubles due to the drug. Yesterday
(July 29), Wiz revealed that he has been arrested many times for weed-related charges and he’s
been keeping count.

“The number is 21 right now,” he said. “Yep, 21 arrests.”
Wiz was recently arrested in Texas on drug charges . Following this May arrest, Wiz took a selfie in a cell and posted it on social media
. Also in May, Wiz released his latest project, 28 Grams.

Female suicide bombers may be Chibok girls- Oby Ezekwesili,Bukky Shonibare

Recently it seems Boko Haram has changed their modus operandi and now use female suicide bombers.
On Monday,two struck in Kano..Oby Ezekwesili of # bringbackourgirls campaign raised an alarm on twitter
that the Chibok girls may be the ones now carrying out suicide bombing..She wrote on twitter

“It feels like eternity since April 14 when our girls lost their freedom. How can we move on like that? This new trend and serial pattern of female suicide bombers surely should particularly worry us.
“Female suicide bombers are again and again becoming the trend and our Chibok girls are still in the
enemy’s den. It worries me stiff. Are we thinking? Our Chibok girlsreally need to be rescued from the clutches
of evil.

Another key member Bukky Shonibare wrote..

“Seems abducted women that were undergoing indoctrination and brainwashing while in hostage for
years are now being sent out as suicide bombers.

However, 100 days is long enough for anyone’s ideologies or principles to be distorted, especially teenagers whose values are still being shaped.

“To know the possible impact of 100+ days on one’s ideologies, psychologists say it takes only 30 days! It is now increasingly dangerous to leave those girls there. Whatever is it they are doing may be counterproductive.
“They (Chibok girls) can be indoctrinated, brainwashed, or put under duress to do this. In the face
of death, no sensible human will be a ‘willing participant.’ There’ll definitely be an element of coercion,”

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