“I kept my wife’s corpse in a room for 3months hoping she’d wake up – Christy Essien Igbokwe’s husband

The husband of late iconic singer, Christy Essien
Igbokwe, who put Nigeria on the world music
map with her song, Seun Rere, Edwin Igbokwe,
has opened up on his grief and denial following
her death on June 30th 2011, saying he left her
corpse in a room in their home for 3 months
hoping she would wake up. Below is what he told
Saturday Punch
That morning of her death, pastors and
other prayer warriors ended morning prayer
in her room; she whispered amen, and then
slept off. It was exactly 9a.m. I felt dazed,
shocked and awed when I was told I lost my
‘everything,’ my companion and the love of
my life. Jebose, I caved into denial zone. We
immediately moved her body to a room in
our home, unknown to many. My late wife
warned that her body must not be
deposited in the mortuary. I had to respect
her wishes. So we decorated a room in our
house and laid her down. She was beautiful,
peaceful in her sleep. The media and the
enlarged burial committee members didn’t
know where she was after her death. She
lay in that room for almost three months. I
was going crazy. I didn’t want to believe
she would not wake up. She was smiling
peacefully. I couldn’t believe it. I made sure
I looked at her every day. I was confused,
depressed, dejected and hopeless. The
children began to monitor me. I was still in
denial, hoping she was asleep… she would
wake up. I kept reassuring myself. She
never did.” Find the full write up after the
Thirty five years ago, I married my soul mate and
lifetime partner. She was Nigeria’s lady of songs,
the late Christy Essien Igbokwe. I was a 26-year-
old executive at The Punch while she was a 19-
year-old songstress and actress that mesmerised
Nigeria’s entertainment and theatre scenes with
her young, affable innocence. Through those
years, we celebrated togetherness and profound
love, a love I felt the first time I blessed my eyes
on her; a love that grew stronger each sunrise,
until 9a.m, June 30, 2011. With each day’s
sunset, our love blossomed, like flowers bloomed
in spring. We stayed as one through the
challenges of life. There were years of aches and
pains, tears of joy and electrifying laughter. We
stayed together and survived the rough and
tumbles of life. We shared everything until it was
time for her to go. She lived half a century.
“As I walked down Jebose Boulevard, I tried to
accept and appreciate all that life privileged after
her eternal transition. It is over three years since
Christy died. The denials, the depressions,
forward from her death are paths to healing. I
missed and mourned her tenderly. Time and
support from friends and family were therapies
to a second chance at life, living and loving. No
one understands the discomfort and trauma of
losing a dear family member such as your
siblings, your parents or wife, a dearest lifetime
partner; (the cherished one you swore before
God and the people to love till death do us part),
until it happened to them: We are never the
same when we lose those that we loved and
admired. A part of us leaves with them. Every
one of us would come to that place in our
lifetime; what matters is how we handled our
different circumstances and who would be there
to comfort us as we grieved. The mourning
season may never end. I can imagine days of
guilt, days of tear drops on the pillows and silent
wails for losing my dearest wife. The pain is part
of passionate memories, of a privileged, shared
moment in our lives. These walks with you,
Jebose, ignited emotional past pains of losing my
late wife and a closure of tragic and traumatic
chapters of my life.
Christy was special and spectacular. She was a
prophet. She revealed when she would die to the
children and by extension, to me: she revealed
to us that she had only half a century in this
‘wicked world;’ she told me that when death
came, it would be middle of the year. She shared
with close friends and members of the family,
her end time. I always dismissed her because I
was not ready to lose her. She told our children
that she would live for 50 years and that any
single day thereafter, they should be thanking
God. She died June 30, 2011 at age 50.
During one of our affectionate conversations, she
told me she would be sick for three days before
her death. She said she would exit without
burden to anyone or herself. I didn’t believe,
until it happened: four days before her death,
she complained of stomach ache. We went to
the hospital for scanning and treatment: the
hospital placed her on overnight admission and
began treatment, but she wanted to go home.
Her desire to go home was bolstered by
hospital’s electric power interruption. The
hospital’s generator was also broken down. She
said rather weakly, that she wanted to go home
since the hospital had no electricity. I honoured
her request. We left the hospital for our home.
Halfway into our street, the doctor called and
informed me that the generator suddenly
activated, surprisingly nothing was wrong with
it, we could return to continue treatment; we
were almost home, my wife said she didn’t want
to go back to the hospital.
“The next day, the illness continued at home.
She refused to go back to the hospital: the
doctor came to the house and placed her on a
drip. Even though she was weak, she was active
and independent; she refused any assistance;
not even a support on the staircase and into the
car, as we set out for hospital again, having
encouraged her to return to a different hospital
for re-examination. I drove her into the waiting
arms of doctors who further examined my late
wife in a specialist hospital (Lagos State
University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja). She was
placed on admission. She was seeing things and
in her own world, as she lay ill, she was
concerned about the staff and other patients in
the hospital. She was kept overnight because of
the diagnosis. The second night, she requested
prayer warriors to begin intense prayers, not for
her but for us, the living, and for her peaceful
transition. She encouraged nurses in the hospital
to pray: she would whisper prayer points and
choruses. She muttered some messages to our
God-son, George, who was with me in the
hospital. We went into frenzy shouting for joy
when she mentioned that ‘we were victorious
and it was all over.’ By 5.30am June 30, 2011,
we witnessed deteriorating changes in her
health. I phoned Obi, our first son, and he
quickly arrived at the hospital to assist. I dashed
out to seek a transfer for her to another (the
intensive care) room in the hospital. I left Obi
and George with pastors and prayer warriors
who arrived to pray with us. Something
happened while I was gone. The mood changed
when I returned. I smelt sadness from the
travelling breeze within. The mood was solemn. I
saw the sad faces of hospital staff and my son: I
felt strange. Everyone from the doctors tried to
find a way to tell me she had died… One of the
midwives called me to the side and said I should
brace up because my wife died few minutes
then. That morning of her death, pastors and
other prayer warriors ended morning prayer in
her room; she whispered amen, and then slept
off. It was exactly 9a.m. I felt dazed, shocked
and awed when I was told I lost my ‘everything,’
my companion and the love of my life. Jebose, I
caved into denial zone. We immediately moved
her body to a room in our home, unknown to
many. My late wife warned that her body must
not be deposited in the mortuary. I had to
respect her wishes. So we decorated a room in
our house and laid her down. She was beautiful,
peaceful in her sleep. The media and the
enlarged burial committee members didn’t know
where she was after her death. She lay in that
room for almost three months. I was going crazy.
I didn’t want to believe she would not wake up.
She was smiling peacefully. I couldn’t believe it. I
made sure I looked at her every day. I was
confused, depressed, dejected and hopeless. The
children began to monitor me. I was still in
denial, hoping she was asleep… she would wake
up. I kept reassuring myself. She never did.
“I finally accepted her death when the
pallbearers came into that room and placed her
in a coffin for the Commendation Service at Arch
Bishop Vining Memorial Cathedral, Ikeja on
September 9, 2011 and from there later through
the Muritala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja to Akanu
Ibiam, Enugu airport en route Awka, Anambra
State for funeral service and burial the next day.
I knew then, that my best friend, my partner,
my soul mate, the mother of my beautiful
children, was truly gone.
“After the burial, I was alone and lonely, I felt
guilty for her death. I never expected to bury my
wife. I always prayed that when my time was up,
she, our children and grandchildren would bury
me. I began to question God in these transitional
periods: I was near complete depression because
life was no longer interesting to me: I was lonely
and mourning my wife. I was empty. I told
everyone that I would never remarry because no
woman could replace my late wife. I was suicidal.
After her burial, the pain continued as life began
to settle into normalcy, I began to see her in my
dreams, encouraging me to live my life. She said
she knew if I had the privilege of spending more
time with her, I would have corrected certain
things in our lives. She said I must move on with
my life. Throughout our 32 years, we shared
everything: we never separated from the same
bedroom. The only time we separated was when
we kept her body in a separate room while
planning her funeral. Counselling from well-
wishers helped me to begin to accept a life
without her.
“Her appearances in my dreams encouraged me
to move on. In one of such appearances, she
told me: “I came and I have fulfilled my destiny
on earth. I wished I stayed longer but that was
my destiny and God’s words must surely come
to pass in our lives. I am not coming again. I am
happy where I am. It is well with all of you!
Please I want to be remembered always in
happiness. Stop getting worried any longer
because you do most times. You cry often for
missing me and wished that I lived so that you
make some amends. It is too late now. You
should move on. Your focus should be how to
live long for our kids. Advise them properly and
correct them positively whenever they go wrong,
for their own good. Take good care of them and
their offsprings as long as you witness and
always bless and not curse any of them. (She
smiled…..) I never cursed any of them. I only
tried to make them look forward to being
independent as my last days on earth
approached. Because you need to live long for
the kids, you can remarry instead of running into
some temptations that are building up. Pray
hard. God will show you the right person. The
person should not be very young. She must be
older than our first kid. She must be able to
stand in for the sake of the kids but she must
not participate directly as one of the owners in
any of our already established companies unless
with express permission of all the kids. She will
obey you. I must be respected. You know other
things that would make the relationship to be
soothing to me in death and useful to you in life
unless if you want to continue to deceive
yourself. You must not allow her do anything you
know would not be pleasing. You are an
intelligent man, I did say this often and I leave
you to your conscience (she smiled…) till we
meet to part no more. My love to all still existing
and I want all to know this.”
“If she didn’t appear to me in my dreams, I
wouldn’t have remarried. I remarried after three
years of her death. Time reversed everything. I
didn’t want a situation where I would be
bringing different women to our home: After the
dreams, I began to consider marriage again.
Being alone may not be the problem, the
problem is the temptations that loneliness and
being alone ferment. That would be very
disrespectful to her memory and our children. I
remarried, with her blessings. I am no longer
mourning but her memories are indelible


Ukrainian Govt release horrific pic of infant lying in a field, killed when rebels shot down plane

The Ukrainian government yesterday published a
heartbreaking photo of a dead infant and
accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of
having the blood of the baby victim of flight
MH17 on his hands.
Senior government advisor Anton Gerashchenko
posted the pic on their website, with a message
to Putin saying: ‘This baby’s death is on your
conscience. Damn you for centuries!’. He said he
agonised over whether to publish the image of
the tiny corpse lying in the field or not but
decided the world needed to see it.
3 infants died after the plane was shot down on
Thursday May 17th by pro-Russian rebels and till
today, many bodies are still lying in fields.
Meanwhile yesterday Russian rebels stopped
investigators who arrived the MH17 crash site
from investigating the site, firing several warning
shots. And the rebel commander blamed for
shooting down the plane said “bodies aren’t
fresh’, claiming corpses around the wreckage
died before plane took off. Yes, he said so.
Unbelievable! Continue to read…
Monitors from the Organisation for Security and
Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) were prevented
from conducting their investigation by
militiamen during their first trip to the scene.
The separatists reportedly fired warning shots as
the group of 30 officials approached, forcing
them to leave after just 75 minutes.
The stand-off fuelled speculation that rebels are
beginning a ‘cover-up’ by hiding all links to the
Buk missile believed to have shot down the
Michael Bociurkiw, spokesman for the OSCE, told
CNN: ‘It basically looks like the biggest crime
scene in the world right now, guarded by a
bunch of guys in uniform with heavy firepower
who are quite inhospitable. And there didn’t
seem to be anyone really in control, for example.
One of our top priorities was to find out what
happened to the black boxes. No one was there
to answer those questions.’
Bociurkiw also described how the inspectors felt
they were in danger as rockets were fired in the
Thomas Greminger, the body’s chairman, added:
‘They did not have the kind of access that they
expected. They did not have the freedom of
movement that they need to do their job.’
Amid the confusion over the whereabouts of the
black boxes, the Russian foreign minister was
forced to deny having ‘any plans’ to grab the
flight recorders following the allegations.
Meanwhile, the rebel commander blamed for
shooting down flight MH17 has made bizarre
claims that bodies at the crash site ‘aren’t fresh’.
Pro-Russian separatist Igor Girkin (pictured
above) has claimed corpses near the debris died
days before the plane took off.
According to rebel website Russkaya Vesna, the
leader was told by people at the scene in eastern
Ukraine that ‘a significant number of the bodies
were drained of blood and reeked of
Girkin, also known as Strelkov and allegedly a
former Russian intelligence agent, also
suggested that a large amount of blood serum
and medications in the wreckage.
The information has not been confirmed but the
commander said: ‘Ukrainian authorities are
capable of any baseness.’
He was said to be among the laughing rebels
that filmed the plane as it crashed
Footage is said to have captured him gleefully
bragging: ‘That was a blast – look at the smoke!’
while a fireball rose from the debris.
The extraordinary footage – apparently filmed by
the shooters themselves – charts the terrible
final moments of the doomed airliner.
A voice believed to be that of Strelkov – dubbed
‘Igor the Terrible’ – announces: ‘The plane was
hit!’ He adds: ‘Look at those black spots, these
are the parts, flying … it was a blast … look, look,
black smoke!’
As a pall of smoke was seen coming from the
crash site, he wrote a triumphant war cry on
Twitter, saying: ‘We warned you – do not fly in
“our sky”.’
The Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 was shot down
Thursday, killing all 298 people aboard.

Source: UK Daily Mail

The Kate Henshaw Political Campaign has officially begun

Told you guys yesterday that iconic actress Kate
Henshaw is set to contest for a seat in the Federal
House of Representatives…well, her political
campaign has officially begun.

Below is what she plans to achieve as a candidate…
I have a strong interest and desire to serve my
people and especially show that there is a better
more humane way to do things when you are in a
position of leadership. Putting the people first and
being accountable to them as well as being
I am also very keen to promote and champion the
provision of clean water, good roads and
sanitation in my constituency.
One of my key areas of project focus areas will be
provison of affordable education and quality
healthcare especially for expecting and young mothers.


1. Touch side controls
A very cool and helpful design. The wrap around
screen isn’t as radical as number 3’s design.
Instead of changing the body shape too much,
this design makes use of the side touch screen
panel, incorporating the main ‘must have’
features like volume, brightness and music
controls. A very interesting and personally my
favourite design.

2. Partially transparent screen
This design is very cool but possibly too futuristic
for the current world of technology. The design
isn’t general enough to give us a whole overview
of the phone which I imagine is pretty similar to
previous models. The thought of having a ‘see
through’ phone is also very strange and would
possibly throw up a lot of mixed reviews! The only
plus I guess is that you’d be more aware of what’s
in front of you when walking and texting!

3. Wrap around screen
This futuristic and rather far-fetched design
incorporates a completely new and up-dated
body. The body seen here is curved and would be
rather hard to have in your pocket – not to
mention buying cases for it! The unique wrap
around screen design is thought to make the
phone ‘user friendly’ but would easily break if

4. Sony Xperia styled design
This design follows the look of the recently
released Sony Xperia with it’s bold body and large
screen. The design also incorporates a new bar at
the bottom with no headphone port to be seen.
Possibly the port is placed on top of the phone,
similar to the iPhone 4s. The design clearly shows
a bigger, perhaps better camera. This is a feature
people will be keen to see on the new model. A
fancy charging bar has also been added to the
interesting design.

5. Holographic keyboard
A very cool and futuristic design. The thought of a
holographic keyboard.. is it too early for
technology like this to be released?? The theory
behind the concept is that you type on the
holographic keyboard and the ‘Xbox Kinect’ style
sensors pick up on what your typing in.

6. Not much of a difference??
As the title says, the design doesn’t boast any
new or strange features. It does however show a
new home button design that isn’t as small or
deeply integrated as previous models. The design
also shows a different operating system than iOS
7 as the lockscreen styling is different. One thing
we can bet on is that Apple won’t release a new
iOS at the same time as the iPhone 6’s release.

7. Wider, more ‘chunky’
The design doesn’t reveal much of a change from
previous iPhone designs, other than a much wider
body, a very large screen but most interestingly,
no home button. This design doesn’t however
show what this loss of a home button entails,
whether there’ll be a gesture or a voice activation
to access the home screen.

8. Tall and thin
This design isn’t too futuristic, it follows what
many people think Apple will reveal – a much
thinner and taller body, including the large
screen. The design still incorporates the unique
‘TouchID’ system that Apple used for the previous
‘5s’ model

“I’m the next big thing after Bob Marley”- Patoranking

Patoranking is one of the most talented new acts in the
music industry now..In a new interview with Nigerian
Tribune,he says he is the next big thing after Bob
Marley..Now that’s confidence
I really love and respect Bob Marley and like I said on
my twitter handle, I’m the next big thing after Bob
Marley…I’m very positive about that. If you watch the
video for ‘Alubarika’ closely, you’d see Bob Marley’s
picture in it.
People tell me that a lot. A lot of people look at me and
say ‘Boy, you are the next big thing after Bob Marley.’
It is not something I came up with, so I just had to claim
it by faith.

Top AIDS official says six colleagues on Malaysia plane, not 100

International AIDS Society president
Francoise Barre-Sinoussi on Saturday said six
colleagues heading for a global conference in
Melbourne were on a Malaysian plane that
crashed over Ukraine, not 100 as reports
“The number that we have confirmed through
our contacts with authorities in Australia, in
Malaysia, and Dutch authorities as well is six
people. It may be a little bit more, but not the
numbers that have been announced,” she said.
Australian newspapers on Friday said as many as
100 medical researchers, scientists, doctors and
activists were on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17
that went down en route from Amsterdam to
Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.
All 298 people on board died, with US officials
blaming armed Ukrainian rebels for downing the
jet with a missile.
UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe had
tweeted that “many” delegates to the 20th
International AIDS Conference were on board,
reinforcing fears of a high fatality rate.
Those confirmed dead include prominent
Dutchman Joep Lange, a pioneer of cheap anti-
retrovirals for the poor and a former International
AIDS Society president.
Officials said Pim de Kuijer from STOPAIDSNOW
was also on board, along with Lucie van Mens,
director of AIDS Action Europe and her colleague
Maria Adriana de Schutter.
World Health Organization official Glenn Thomas
and Jacqueline van Tongeren from the
Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and
Development also died in the crash.

Quick and Crunchy Home Remedies for Pimples

There are a few things you can absolutely count
on happening in your life: You’ll scrape your knee,
you’ll fall in love, you’ll drink too many margaritas
and end up sobbing hysterically in a back alley
about a boy you thought you loved, you’ll
complain about taxes.
And you’ll get giant pimples at very inconvenient
These times include: The day before prom, the
day before your wedding, the day before a job
interview, and at any time while competing on
America’s Next Top Model.
Or it could just be, you know, tomorrow. When
people are going to see you.

So here are quick, easy, and painless
treatments you can try to drain the life right out
of your pimples, zits, blemishes, or nasties.
Whatever you want to call them, at least one of
these home remedies will have you covered.
While I’ve tried several of these and have been
pleased by the results, I can’t speak for the
efficacy of all of them. And what works for me
may not work for you. It’s trial and error, baby.

Crunchistry at the most personal level.

27 Quick and Crunchy Home Remedies for Pimples.

Dab a little lemon juice on it. The astringent
properties in lemon juice will suck out some of
the oil and shrink the blemish. Wash off before
going in the sun, though, as this could bleach
your face and make it more sensitive to the sun.

A teeny, tiny clay mask will fix it.

If you
need clay, go here (and you need clay, I
promise): Mountain Rose Herbs. So a search for
“cosmetic clay” and you’ll find that an entire
pound is a whopping $4.95 (you might want to
order another thing or two, to make the
shipping worth it). Now, once you have your
clay, take 1 tsp of it and mix enough distilled
water to make a thick paste. Apply it directly to
the blemish and leave on as long as you’d like
(at least 20 minutes or all night long). I’ve seen
pimples completely disappear overnight from
this. Yeah. Really.
Use an itsy bitsy smudge of lavender or
tea tree essential oil. Again, you can
purchase these things at Mountain Rose Herbs.
They’re great for a whole host of different
things, and they absolutely annihilate zits. Use
one tiny drop of either oil on a Q-tip and rub it
on the blemish. Leave on overnight.
Make a paste with cinnamon and honey.
Use approximately 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and add
to the honey. Mix to make a paste. Apply to the
blemish and leave on for 20 minutes (or
overnight). Zit = zapped.
Rub a slice of potato on them. Leave it on for
at least 20 minutes, or all day.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Try rinsing
your pimply face with fresh tomato juice. Leave
this on for an hour before washing. Or, try the
Homemade Tomato Juice Peel-Off Mask!
Apples and honey to the rescue. Grate a
small bit of apple into a fine mush and add
honey to make a sticky, fruity paste. Apply to
the pimples and leave on for 20 minutes. Or, do
your whole face! Wash well.
Try the Aspirin and Honey Facial Mask. You
can do your whole face, or just tiny little spots.
Make a tiny mask with dried calendula and
castor oil. Freaky, right? Oil for a zit. But castor
oil is actually drying and the calendula will
soothe the redness and the surrounding skin.
Calendula can be purchased at, of course, none
other than Mountain Rose Herbs (links above).
Make ice cubes out of green tea. Just rub
one of those things over the blemish area two or
three times a day. Swelling will go down, skin
will be soothed, and the green tea acts as an
Pound an orange peel. Yep. That’s right. Take
a small amount of orange peel, sprinkle some
water on the pith-side and pound it with a
(clean) hammer or meat tenderizer for 10
seconds. Rub the peel over the pimply areas
(you could even tape it there for a few minutes
for extra action).
Dab it with strong basil tea. Boil 1 c. of
water and add 1 Tbsp. dried basil leaves. Steep
for 10 minutes. Strain. refrigerate until cool.
Apply to the pimples (or all over your face, if it’s
Strawberries are yummy zit zappers. In
addition to whitening your teeth, strawberries
are excellent for occasional pimples (or acne).
Slice the top off off a strawberry (eat the fruit)
and rub the small amount of flesh left at the top
of the strawberry on your pimples. Leave on for
20-30 minutes and then rinse off. You can read
more about strawberries and skincare here!
Witch hazel and a cotton ball. Or any kind of
fabric, really. Just soak the fabric with some
witch hazel, hold on the blemish for a minute or
two. That’s it. Astringent to the rescue.
Concoct your own pimple cream with
lanolin, glycerin, and castor oil. Just melt,
on very low heat, equal parts of all three. Store
in a small jar. Apply it to pimples as necessary.
Make a poultice with dried hibiscus.
Hibiscus makes a wildly delicious tea, but it’s
also very effective on blemishes. You can have it
both ways with this remedy! Just steep 3 tsp.
hibiscus in 2 c. water. Strain (saving the
hibiscus). Add a little honey to your tea and
drink up. Then take the wet hibiscus, place it in
a small paper towel or piece of cheesecloth, and
apply to the pimple. Hold it there for 5-10

Don’t be a vampire – use garlic. I know, I
know. It sounds really stinky. Desperate times
call for desperate measures and all that. And
garlic is pretty wondrous when it comes to
clearing away the pimples. Peel a clove of garlic
and then mush it up well with a fork. Apply the
mush to your pimples and let it set for 20
Spice it up with some nutmeg and cloves.
Put 2 tsp. whole cloves and 1 tsp ground
nutmeg in 1/4 c. milk. Heat on low for 10
minutes (careful not to scald the milk!). Allow
the milk to cool. With a small washcloth or other
fabric, apply the spicy milk to the pimply areas –
or all over your face!
Splurge on some neem. Neem powder and
neem oil are two magical pimple treatments,
but they may be hard to find. Try Whole Foods,
your local natural foods store, or Mountain Rose
Herbs and pick up either one – or both. With the
oil, just daub the oil directly onto the blemish.
Or, with the powder, mix with a tiny amount of
water or witch hazel to form a paste that you
then apply to the pimply areas. Leave on all
night for extra zit-busting effectiveness.
Rosewater and lemon juice – a fragrant
remedy. If you happen to have some rosewater
(if you don’t, you should get some … again,
Mountain Rose Herbs or Whole Foods), take 1
tsp rosewater and 1/2 tsp lemon juice and apply
to the blemishes. The rosewater will act as a
calmative and helps repair the skin, while the
lemon juice is astringent and drying.
Take your honey straight. At night, slather
on a little honey over an extra-large pimple.
Cover this with a bandaid, and sleep with the
bandaid on. In the morning, remove the
bandage, be amazed at the lack of pimple, and
rinse your face well.

Apple Cider Vinegar. The good old standby,
the liquid that does more things than Madonna
(career-wise, I mean) – just dab a bit onto the
affected area and let it dry. Leave it on for 20
minutes … or forever!

A sprig of mint’ll do you. Take one leaf from a
sprig of fresh mint, rub it well between your
fingers until it’s bruised. Rub the “juice” from
the mint leaf over the pimple. Leave on.
Localized egg white mask. Just separate the
yolk from the white, whip the white a time or
two, and dab on to spotty areas with a Q-tip.
Leave on overnight and wash well in the

Aloe vera gel or leaf. For some time, I had an
aloe vera plant in my home. Then I forgot to
water it. For a month. Anyway, whenever I
started to feel a pimple coming on, I’d break off
a tiny bit of the leaf and rub the gel inside over
it. Worked like a charm at heading off (sorry for
the pun) the pimple. You don’t have to have a
plant – just look for the purest aloe vera gel you
can find in your local natural foods store.
Bruise some fresh cabbage leaves. Just
mush ‘em up and rub them on the offending
area. Leave the juice on for at least 30 minutes
or more. Rinse off and finish with an astringent.
Dissolve some salt in lemon juice. If you
want even MORE drying power than just straight
lemon juice, try dissolving 1/2 tsp salt in 2 tsp
lemon juice, rub on the zit and leave on (being
aware that lemon juice is also bleaching and can
cause sensitivity to the sun).

MBGN 2014 is Miss Akwa Ibom – Iheoma Nnadi (photos)

19-year-old Iheoma Nnadi representing Akwa
Ibom State at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria
(MBGN) beauty pageant, has been crowned
winner of the 2014 edition of the Silverbird
Group organized show tonight.
Iheoma beat 29 other contestants to walk away
with the coveted prize – N3million naira, a car
and a shot to represent Nigeria at the Miss World
pageant coming up later this year.
Runners up are:
Miss Abuja (4th runner up),
Miss Osun (3rd runner up)
Miss Kwara (2nd runner up) – MBGN Tourism
Miss Edo (1st runner up) – MBGN Universe
Congrats to all the ladies….

US warns against “pure caffeine” after teen dies

US regulators on Friday warned
against ingesting pure powdered caffeine, which
is being sold in bulk over the Internet and is
known to have killed at least one teenager.
“These products are essentially 100 per cent
caffeine. A single teaspoon of pure caffeine is
roughly equivalent to the amount in 25 cups of
coffee,” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The FDA advised consumers “to avoid powdered
pure caffeine” and warned parents that teenagers
and young adults may be drawn to it for its
perceived benefits.
“Pure caffeine is a powerful stimulant and very
small amounts may cause accidental overdose,”
the FDA statement said.
Symptoms of overdose may include rapid
heartbeat, seizures, vomiting, diarrhoea, stupor
and disorientation.
“It is nearly impossible to accurately measure
powdered pure caffeine with common kitchen
measuring tools and you can easily consume a
lethal amount,” the FDA added.
US media reported earlier this month that an 18-
year-old from Ohio died due to a caffeine
overdose. Several bags of the powder were found
in his home.
Consumer groups said regulators must take more
action against the products.
“The overuse and misuse of caffeine in the food
supply is creating a wild-west marketplace, and
it’s about time the sheriff noticed and did
something,” said the Centre for Science in the
Public Interest.

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