Ashley Cole joins Roma

LONDON: Former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole
joined Italian side Roma on a free transfer on
Cole had been linked with a host of Premier
League clubs since being released by Chelsea at
the end of last season, but the left-back has
opted to continue his career in Serie A.
The 33-year-old signed a two-year contract with
Roma, who confirmed the deal on their official
website alongside a picture of Cole next to the
club’s crest.
“AS Roma have acquired Ashley Cole’s playing
registration on a two-year deal which expires on
June 30, 2016,” the statement read.
“The agreement also gives the club the right to
extend the contract into a further season.”
Cole and his agent Jonathan Barnett had flown to
Italy to discuss the move over the weekend and
the defender underwent a medical before
travelling to Roma’s Trigoria headquarters to sign
a contract that will reportedly net him 4.6 million
euros (£3.65 million) in yearly wages.
After starting only 15 Premier League matches
last season, Cole hopes for a fresh start at Roma,
who will compete in the Champions League next
season after Rudi Garcia’s men finished as
runners-up behind Juventus in Serie A last term.
Widely regarded as the world’s best left-back in
his prime, Cole enjoyed huge success during his
eight seasons with Chelsea.
He won the 2012 Champions League, the 2013
Europa League, the 2010 Premier League, four FA
Cups and the 2007 League Cup.
But Cole failed to convince Chelsea manager Jose
Mourinho he was worth a regular place in the
team last season, and he was often left on the
bench with Cesar Azpilicueta, usually a right-
back, selected ahead of him.
He appeared to realise his future lay away from
Stamford Bridge when he broke down in tears as
he waved farewell to the club’s fans during the
lap of honour following their final home game of
the season against Norwich in May.
East London-born Cole made his name at Arsenal,
where he emerged from the youth academy to
star for the Gunners, helping them win the
Premier League in 2002 and 2004.
He has 107 England caps and announced his
retirement from international football in May when
he was left out of his country’s World Cup squad.


Want to lose weight? 3 fitness myths you should never, ever believe

Fitness myths are tempting to believe, because if they were true it would be easy for everyone to get in shape! But falling for them can sacrifice serious results and keep you from finding an effective program that really works.

Here are 3 myths I hear all the time:

Ab exercises will help you lose weight in your midsection.
The only way to really trim belly fat is through diet. You can work your abs until you’re blue in the face and you won’t see results until you get rid of the belly fat—and that comes from a smart diet and cardio plan. This requires cutting out fast-food and junk food, going easy on the alcohol (sorry!) and eating lots of fresh (preferably organic) veggies along with lean protein (e.g. chicken, fish and low-fat cheeses). For cardio, make sure you’re working hard enough (walk briskly, don’t stroll) and aim for 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

You can spot reduce. Everybody holds their weight in different places.
And no matter how hard you try, you cannot direct weight loss to a specific body part. I may hold my weight in my lower body, but it doesn’t mean that if I lose pounds, it’ll come off that region. Again, a healthy combo of diet and exercise will help with overall weight loss and a quicker path to achieving your goals.

There’s always a shortcut.
It didn’t take you 2 weeks to gain the weight, it won’t take you 2 weeks to lose it. So toss out the idea that you want to drop 4 dress sizes in a month. Do it the right way and it’ll last. You need to embark on a steady lifestyle change… reduce the caloric intake, increase the caloric output and watch the weight fall off. The foolproof recipe: cardio, strength training, cutting out the crap in your diet and patience.

BUSTED!!!Busted! Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Caught having sex in a van at the airport – PHOTO

french-kardashianAccording to Diggzy, who is a Hollywood
paparazzi, Khloe Kardashian and French Montana
went into their luxury
sprinter van to have se.x after their flight out of
New York to Vegas on Thursday was delayed for
three hours. While waiting for their new flight, the
loved up couple decided to go have s.ex. Diggzy
claims to have seen the van rocking back and

Common Says “Nobody’s Smiling” Speaks To Violence In Chicago

Common is slated to release his 10th studio
album Nobody’s Smiling later this month and has
been rounding the press circuit accordingly.
Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the Chicago
native talked about Nobody’s Smiling and that
he’s excited to put it out, explaining that you’re
only as good as the last work you release.
In the process of conducting the interview, DJ
Vlad told Common he had interviewed Chief
Keef’s cousin and Interscope signee Big Glo just
days before he was murdered in Chicago.
Common responded by saying that his next
album embodies the tragedies of Chiraq and
hopes it teaches those who want to follow their
dreams just like he was able to.
“That’s why I’m making Nobody’s Smiling, that’s
why it’s not just the music, but the movement of
the fact that man I’m not happy, I’m from
Chicago,” Common said. “I’m not happy we
losing people… people getting shot over things
that ain’t even necessary. I can’t even act like I
know every situation, why it happens, but some of
it… it’s become part of… a way of life. People
don’t value life as much as we can, as much as
we should. When I hear about people dying it’s
just like man, what do I have to do to change it.
There’s people out in the field right now doing
grassroots movements that work everyday
towards stopping violence in Chicago and all
around the country but I’m like, ‘This is where
I’m from, I’ve been blessed enough to chase my
dream, go after my dream and I want to provide
the same for people where I come from.”
Common was also asked if he thought the
violence in Chicago was less, the same or worse
than when he was a teenager. He said he
believes it’s worse via the senselessness and
involvement of much younger people.
“I think it’s worse,” he said. “You know I’ve
heard some statistics that said that there were
more murders when we were coming up in the
late 80s/early 90s, I find that hard to believe. The
statistics are bad no matter what. When you can
say there’s been 421 people murdered in one year
in a city, that just don’t like, whether you had
more people [killed] back in the 80s and that was
that time, it shouldn’t happen now. Things have
gotten out of order in a way that it’s really like
there ain’t as much order in the hood as it used
to be. It used to be Gs running certain things and
the younger generation took heed or just followed
a certain order.
“When you hear about little kids getting shot by
other little kids. I’m talking about a 3-year old. I
was home one weekend, doing a benefit for my
foundation, 13 people got shot and one was a
little kid so with that being said, when you hear
about that, that wasn’t going on when I was
growing up.”
Common also recently talked about Maya
Angelou’s passing and shared some of his
fondest memories of her. He also remembered
stories about her relationship with Tupac and how
he himself met the late writer, building a
relationship with her.

Arsenal and Barcelona agree £32m deal for Alexis Sanchez

According to new reports, Arsenal have struck a £32million deal with Barcelona for Alexis Sanchez.

Over the past weeks leading to the 2014 World Cup, the Chilean has emerged as top priority for Arsene Wenger, who is desperate to bolster his attacking line-up ahead of the new season.

The Gunners and Barca have now reached an agreement, after the Premier League side matched their valuation of the player.

Barcelona are very close to agreeing a massive £75million deal with Liverpool for Luis Suarez and were hoping Sanchez would be part of the deal. But the player remained keen on Arsenal and now a deal has been sealed for him to ply his trade in England next season.

Arsenal now have to negotiate personal terms with the player, a procedure the club chiefs are confident will be done in the next few days.

PDP accuse Governor Oshiomole of instigating violence

leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said the APC and the Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole are now jittery over the soaring popularity of the PDP in the state and have resorted to orchestrating crisis in a spirited move to stop the trend.

The party also accused Governor Oshiomhole of “stirring up the political crisis in Edo State to prevent an official investigation into findings that he has been squandering the state’s resources, including huge levies and taxes to finance his campaign for Vice Presidency instead of settling down to develop the state”.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh in a statement on Sunday said Governor Oshiomhole was also embittered by the acceptance of his followers including his aides, top government functionaries, legislators and influential APC leaders into the popular PDP train, while his quest to join was roundly rejected on account of his undemocratic tendencies.

According to the statement, “Having lost the confidence and support of the people due to his despotic, anti-people and undemocratic tendencies, coupled with his colossal administrative failures, Governor Oshiomhole has resorted to violence and blackmail to intimidate and subdue them in line with the agenda of his party, the APC.

“This frenetic effort to subvert the will of the people is foolhardy and compares to a fabled tale of a man attempting to eclipse the moon with hands. The fact that Edo is home to the PDP has never been in doubt. In fact, what is happening in Edo State is clearly a case of water finding its level.

“We are aware that Governor Oshiomhole and the APC leaders have been having sleepless nights since the discovery of his mismanagement of the state’s resources for parochial agenda and the continued defections of influential APC members to the PDP and are as such bent at contriving a quick-fix to stem the tide.

“Part of the survival strategy is the spreading of wild allegations and instigating the crisis in Edo State House of Assembly to disorganize and compromise the legislature. The macabre dance playing out in Edo Assembly is an expression of defeatism or rather a terminal symptom of a decadent regime, so afraid that in the circumstances of unrestrained freedom, its hackneyed popularity in Edo will collapse.

“What else would have prompted the relocation of the state legislature to the governor’s office on the stage managed renovation of the assembly complex if not a calculated plot to intimidate and compromise the lawmakers and prevent them from carrying out their constitutional duties of checking the excesses of the state executive under Governor Oshiomhole?

“We however wish to inform the Edo State governor and the APC that their machinations will lead them to nowhere. They must understand that they have not only failed the people but have also betrayed them. The people of Edo State are no fools and cannot continue to stay under an administration that has no regard for them.

“Nobody wants to continue to support a fascist regime that has shown untold penchant for oppression and brutality; a despotic system that continues to impose multiple taxes and levies on the people to promote parochial interests and exercises its whims with reckless abandon.

“The APC and its government in Edo State have since disconnected from the people. They have refused to be accountable and that is why the people have abandoned them for the PDP where they found a level playing ground to canvass and fully realize their aspirations and yearnings as a people and individuals.

“While we restate our position that Governor Adams Oshiomhole is the centrifuge of crisis in Edo State, we call on all well-meaning Nigerians to note this and hold him and the APC responsible in the case of any break down of law and order in the state”.


Neymar was deemed as Brazil’s biggest hope to win the World Cup, but sadly he won’t be able to play anymore during the tournament due to an injury suffered in the final minutes of the quarter-final game against Colombia.

Without him, Brazil’s chances of lifting the cup have been considerable reduced.

Luiz Felipe Scolari has the tough job of looking for the replacement of his biggest star in the most crucial rounds. However, this is not a new problem for Brazilian managers through the World Cup history.

Brazil have been faced with the difficult situation of having its greatest footballer, at the time, injured. It has almost become a tendency for the Selecao to suffer from such misfortunes, over and over again. And it was only once that Brazil were able to overcome such a loss.

Here’s 5 historic heartbreaking moments that resemble Neymar‘s absence due to injury.

Nigerians in US hold rally against Boko Haram

Hundreds of Nigerians in Chicago in the U.S. on Saturday held a solidarity rally, demanding that the terror group, Boko Haram, unconditionally release the schoolgirls abducted in Chibok, Borno.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that over 200 girls were abducted from their school in Chibok on April 14.

The Nigerians, during the rally, also demanded greater U.S. support for the Federal Government in its war against Boko Haram.

The rally titled #unitedagainstbokoHaram:#bringbackourgirls was also organised in Atlanta, Dallas, Greenville SC, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Windsor Canada and Belmopan Belize.

Participants at the rally carried placards with inscriptions such as “Nigeria needs support to fight terrorism’’ and “Stop Boko Haram’’.

Other placards read “Obama, please help stop Boko Haram’’ and “we love the girls, bring them home’’, among others.

Addressing the rally, the acting Chairperson of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) in the U.S., Dr Sandra Dafiaghor, said the rallies showed a united front against the terrorist organisation.

She urged the citizens and governments of the U.S., Canada, and all NIDO host countries to support Nigeria in the global war against terrorism.

“We are grieved and touched, by the abductions and recent stories of yet another abduction of about 60 women and children.

“Nigeria needs help to combat the global menace of terrorism. We are appealing to the American people and government to assist the Nigerian people stop Boko Haram and bring back our girls.

“We must rally round the Federal Government to ensure that the activities of Boko Haram are stopped,’’ Dafiaghor said.

She called for global assistance to fight terrorism in Northern Nigeria.

“We have a responsibility to rally behind the parents, people and government of Nigeria and bring the girls back home to safety,’’ the NIDO chairperson said.

“The violation of the rights of women and girls on such a scale, no matter who they are and where they are, requires the whole world to stand up and take action.’’

Dafiaghor called on all Nigerians to unite as a people to tackle all forms of terrorism in the country.

Also speaking, one of the participants, Ms Linda Oyewopo, who said she attended a school in Nigeria, said the students deserved to have the same opportunities as she did.

She said the girls were targeted for the simple reason that they went to school.

“They were exercising their right to education; they were kidnapped by the Boko Haram,’’ she said.

NAN reports that Boko Haram has for the first time been included on the UN list of parties or state actors who violate the rights of children in armed conflict.

This was among the findings released in the annual report of the UN Secretary General on children and armed conflict which highlights 23 conflict situations around the world.

The document highlights conflict situations where children are recruited and used, killed and maimed or become victims of sexual violence.

It documents cases of child recruitment by seven national armies and 50 armed groups fighting wars in the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Syria and 11 other countries.

The Secretary General’s Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui says: “Boko Haram has increased attacks on schools, killing and maiming dozens of children, as well as other grave violations.’’

Zerrougui said the situation in Nigeria is one of many grave concerns.(NAN)

LMFAO! See Patience Jonathan’s Top 15 English Blunders — You Will Laugh O! Why? BECAUSE DERE IS GOD!

Top 15 Patience Jonathan’s English Blunders Please Read:
1. My husband and Sambo is a good people (Imagine)
2. The President was once a child
and the senators were once a
3. My fellow widows.(Is her husband
4. A good mother takes
care of hischildren.(His
children? Like Seriously?)
5. The people sitting before
youwere once a children.

6. Yes we are all happy
for the effort, it is not easy
to carry second in
an international competition
like this one,(addressing
press men after Female
Under-19 FIFAWorld Cup).
7. The bombers who born them?
Wasn’t it not a woman?
Theywere once a children now
a adult now they are bombing
women and children making
some children a widow.(Is she
a literate?)
8. My heart feels
sorry for these children who
have become widows
for loosing their parents for
one reason or another.
9. We should have
love for our fellowNigerians
irrespective of their
10. Thank God the Doctors and Nurses
are responding to treatment.
(Doctors and nurses?)
11. I would rather kill myself
instead ofcommitting suicide.
(What’s the difference?)
Ojukwu is a great man, he died
but his manhood lives on.
13. On behalf of
2million, I donate my family.
(Laugh wan tear my belle o)
14. Why will bokharam
bomb last churches on
christmas day, theydon’t
have respect for Jesus, they
are a very bad person,infact
I’m a sadder woman right now
and Mr.President ismore
15. We all have
HIV.( For real? Imagine this
woman o, Chei!!!

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