Passenger Makes Eerie Facebook Post Before Boarding Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane(check out the screenshot)

A passenger who appears to have been on the
crashed Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine on
Thursday posted a photo of his plane with an
eerie message before boarding the ill-fated Boeing
777. Translated from Dutch to English, the
caption reads: “In case it goes missing, here is
what it looks like.” Cor Pan posted the photo on
Facebook of the Malaysia Airlines plane from the
Amsterdam Airport on Thursday. Pan’s post
appears to be a reference to the Malaysia Airlines
flight from earlier this year that has never been
found. More than 150 people have since
commented on the Facebook post, which
surfaced on Reddit, to offer condolences.

“I can’t believe this … totally broken,” one
commenter wrote in Dutch under Pan’s photo.
“Rest in peace.”
According to his profile, Pan is self-employed and
from volendam,Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

The malaysia Airline Boeing 777 with 295 people on board was shot down on thursday over Ukraine, near the Russian border .
The plan was en route from Amsterdamto kuala Lumpur before crashing .The were no Survivors.


FIFA Lifts Ban On Nigerian Football

FIFA has lifted the ban it placed on Nigeria on
July 9th after a high court sitting in Jos
sacked the President of the Nigerian Football
Federation, NFF, Aminu Maigari and other
board members. FIFA had frowned at the
court ruling, stating that the move was a
government interference in football activities
which is against its policy. FIFA then directed
that a new court order reinstating Maigari
and other NFF executives be obtained before
it can lift the ban.
The new court order reinstating the NFF
President and other executives was obtained
two days ago, Tuesday July 15th, hence the
lifting of the ban today.
Maigari and his board will resume their duties
tomorrow and stay there until next month’s
elections when they could be sacked through
the ballot, in line with FIFA’s policies.

Rebels who shot down Malaysian plane thinking it was a military aircraft filmed the crash amidst laughter

After the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines plane was shot
down today,it has emerged that the Ukrainian rebels
who shot down the plane filmed it and their militia
commander Igor Strelkov, tweeted after the crash”
In the area Torez we just hit down Antonoc-26, it’s
lying somewhere in the mine “Progress”.‘We warned
you – do not fly in “our sky”. And here is the video
confirmation of the “bird dropping”.‘Bird fell near the
mine, the residential sector was not disturbed. Civilians
are not injured.’
At the time, he apparently believed he had shot down an
Antonov-26 military plane of the Ukrainian Air Force
Plane. As soon as he must have realised the grave
mistake,he deleted the tweet and video .
According to Mailonline, the Laughing rebels
filmed the plane as it crashed, bragging ‘That was
a blast – look at the smoke!’
A voice believed to be that of Strelkov – dubbed
‘Igor the Terrible’ – announces:
‘The plane was hit‘Look at those black spots,
these are the parts, flying … it was a blast … look,
look, black smoke!’
Another rebel, laughs and says:
‘It was worth bringing this thing, wasn’t it?

East Ukraine a no-fly zone after Malaysian plane crash

Ukrainian authorities on Thursday
declared the east of the country a no-fly zone
after a Malaysian airliner carrying 295 people
crashed in the volatile region, European flight
safety body Eurocontrol said.
European and US airlines rerouted their flights as
Kiev said the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was
shot down in a “terrorist” attack and a US official
said intelligence analysts “strongly believe” it was
downed by a surface-to-air missile.
“Since the crash, the Ukrainian authorities have
informed Eurocontrol of the closure of routes from
the ground to unlimited (altitude) in Eastern
Ukraine,” a statement said.

“All flight plans that are filed using these routes
are now being rejected by Eurocontrol. The routes
will remain closed until further notice,” it added.
According to Eurocontrol’s information, the
doomed plane was flying at a level known as
“330”, or approximately 10,000 metres or 33,000
feet, when it disappeared from radar screens.
The route itself had been closed to level “320”
but was cleared for those flying at the Malaysian
plane’s altitude.
In Paris, a statement by junior transport minister
Frederic Cuvillier said French carriers should
“avoid Ukraine’s air space as long as the reasons
behind this catastrophe are not known”.
The Boeing 777 dropped off the radar at around
1415 GMT and crashed in a border region held by
pro-Russian separatists.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko pointedly
called the disaster a “terrorist act”, and major
airlines quickly announced plans to route planes
away from the area.
Air France said it decided “to no longer fly over
eastern Ukraine as soon as it heard of the event,”
and Alitalia had done the same.

A spokeswoman for German flag carrier Lufthansa
told AFP it also chose to immediately make a
“wide detour” around the region because “our
passenger’s safety is our top priority.”
Lufthansa’s subsidiary Swiss took similar action,
and reported that “one flight between Bangkok
and Zurich was affected, the flight was rerouted.”
In London, a British Department for Transport
spokesman confirmed that “flights already
airborne are being routed around the area by air
traffic control in the region.”
US carrier Delta was one of the first non-European
carriers to say it too was steering clear “out of an
abundance of caution.”

“The thoughts and prayers of the entire Delta Air
Lines family are with the passengers and crew,
and their loved ones, involved in the Malaysia
Airlines incident,” a statement added.
British Airways was already avoiding Ukrainian
airspace, with the exception of one flight a day to
the capital Kiev, which is well to the west of the
crash zone.
In April, the US Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) declared the troubled Crimean peninsula,
southwest of the crash site, a virtual no-fly zone
for US airlines and pilots.

A similar no-fly order for European airlines was
issued at the time by the European Organisation
for the Safety of Air Navigation, the official name
of Eurocontrol.

Governments agree to stem cancer-causing arsenic in rice: UN

Governments have agreed the first
international standards limiting cancer-causing
arsenic pollution in rice, a key move to protect
consumers of what is a staple food for billions, the
UN said on Thursday.
The Codex Alimentarius Commission, the top
global decision-making body for food standards,
issued the decision at its ongoing annual meeting
in Geneva.
“Arsenic is an environmental contaminant. It
occurs naturally and is taken up by plants from
the water and soil when they’re growing, in
particular rice,” said World Health Organization
food safety coordinator Angelika Tritscher.
The commission set a maximum of 0.2
milligrammes of arsenic per kilo of polished race —
the product that is traded and consumed.
“The main driver for Codex standards is trade. But
when we talk about safety standards, the main
purpose is clearly to protect the health of
consumers,” said Tritscher.
Arsenic occurs in the Earth’s crust. Some of the
heaviest concentrations are in Asia, where rice is
a mainstay.
A key problem is paddy fields irrigated with water
pumped from shallow wells containing arsenic-
rich sediments.
Heavy rice consumption has been found to
compound the impact of arsenic in drinking
“Since rice is a very important stable food for
many countries and many regions of the world, a
significant part of the global population is
affected,” Tritscher said.
Bangladesh has been a top concern, with tens of
millions of rural dwellers exposed via wells drilled
in the 1970s in “access-to-water” programmes.
Parts of Cambodia, China, India and Vietnam have
also been affected.
Long-term exposure can cause cancer and skin
lesions, Tritscher said. It is also linked to heart
disease, diabetes and damage to the nervous
system and brain.
Arsenic rarely grabs headlines in the same way as
other food crises.
“It’s not like you have an immediate, acute effect
like you have with a salmonella outbreak,” said

– No safe exposure level –

The 186-nation Codex commission is run by the
WHO and fellow UN agency the Food and
Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
Its standards must be set down into national laws
to take effect.
“We all expect our food to be safe and of good
quality. We don’t expect to get sick from our
food,” said senior FAO food standards officer Tom
The rice decision followed years of research which
fed into a policy-making process helmed by China
and Japan.
“One of the core principles of Codex standards is
that they are science-based,” Tritscher said.
“The outcome of the assessments was that you
cannot define a safe exposure level. The
consequence is that you have to try to reduce
exposure as much as possible,” she added.
“We operate on the ‘alara’ principle — as low as
reasonably achievable — which balances how low
you can go without having to discard the majority
of the food supply.”
The commission also set out ways to reduce
arsenic levels.
They include growing crops in raised beds instead
of flooded fields, drying out paddies before
harvest, and regular checks on water supplies.

Beyonce leads MTV Video Music Awards with 8 nods

Doing a visual album has paid
off for Beyonce: She’s the leading nominee at the
MTV Video Music Awards.
MTV announced Thursday that Beyonce is up for
eight moonman trophies, including video of the
year for “Drunk in Love.” Iggy Azalea and Eminem
are nominated for seven awards each.
Pharrell is the only male nominated for the top
prize. Along with Beyonce, his “Happy” will
compete with Azalea’s “Fancy,” Miley Cyrus’
“Wrecking Ball” and Sia’s “Chandelier” for video of
the year.
Beyonce’s “Partition” is nominated for best female
video and cinematography, while the Jay Z-
featured “Drunk in Love” is up for best
collaboration. Both songs are from Beyonce’s self-
titled fifth album, which she released in surprise
form last year with all of the tracks’ music videos.
“This album was a labor of love and she had such
a vision of wanting to be able to tell the story of
this album visually as well as audio,” said Lee
Anne Callahan-Longo, general manager of
Beyonce’s production house, Parkwood
Entertainment. “She really, really set out to do
something special in a visual medium.”
Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts,” a video displaying
women’s body issues and insecurities, is
nominated for best direction, editing and video
with a social message.
Azalea is still riding high on the success of
“Fancy,” which spent seven weeks on top of the
Billboard charts and is nominated for best pop
video and female video. The Australian performer
will compete twice in both categories thanks to
her other hit, the Ariana Grande smash
“Problem.” The rapper is not nominated for best
hip-hop video, though.
Eminem’s seven nominations include the latter
and best male video, where he will compete with
Pharrell, John Legend, Ed Sheeran and newcomer
Sam Smith.
The VMAs will air live Aug. 24 from The Forum in
Inglewood, California. Performers will include
Grande, Usher and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Malaysian passenger plane carrying 295 shot down in Ukraine

A Malaysian airliner with 295 people aboard was
shot down over Ukraine, the country’s interior
minister said Thursday.
The Boeing 777 crashed near the Russian border,
according to the Associated Press.
The Interfax News Agency said Flight MH17 was
traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when
it was downed.
The news agency claimed that the Malaysia
Airlines passenger plane was shot down by
Russian authorities — but that had not been
Anton Gerashenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior
minister, said on his Facebook page the plane was
flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet (10,000
meters) when it was hit by a missile fired from a
Buk launcher.

Photos: Robin Van Persie shows buff body in Barbados with wife Bouchra

The 30-year-old footballer gave a nod to his native
Netherlands as he wore a pair of shorts in the
same colour as his home nation’s shirts.
Dutch footballer Robin Van Persie shows off
his buff body on Barbados
break as his wife Bouchra displays equally
impressive tum in two-piece
He may not be a World Cup winner having
crashed out of the tournament at the semi-final
stage with Holland.
But Robin Van Persie is certainly a winner off the
pitch in terms of his physique which he displayed
in Barbados when he stripped down to a pair of
swimming shorts to show off his rippling abs.
The 30-year-old footballer gave a nod to his native
Netherlands as he wore a pair of shorts in the
same colour as his home nation’s shirts.

Robin Van Persie showed he is certainly a
winner off the pitch in terms of his physique
which he displayed in Barbados when he stripped
down to a pair of swimming shorts to show off his
rippling abs

Check out pictures below:

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